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Android Developer Job Description Template

Android Developer Job Description

For Android phones and for the Play Store of Google, an android developer creates software and applications. Applications build-up by android programmers is downloaded on Android smartphones and tabs. They frequently work straight for a company that develops apps or for huge enterprises.

A software developer with a focus on creating apps for Android os systems is known as an Android Developer. An extremely popular operating system is called Android. Because the market for developing Android applications is booming, there is a huge need for android developers. 

The need for software engineers, which includes Android programmers, is anticipated to increase by 17% through 2024, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Developers for iOS and Android are essentially the same. An Android developer needs to possess a few essential technical and non-technical abilities in order to succeed in the field of Android development.

Job Description 

In the systems that use the Android operating system, an Android coder is responsible for creating reliable applications. An Android programmer must pay particular attention to the application’s compatibility with various Android versions and device kinds due to the segmentation of this ecosystem. Additionally, they must be well-versed in the patterns and procedures that surround such a platform.

We are searching to hire an android application programmer who is passionate about pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. To design and create the following iteration of our mobile applications, this Android app developer will collaborate with our group of outstanding engineers. Android developer collaborates with other technical and application development teams.

Android Developer Focussed Responsibilities

  • Create and develop cutting-edge Android applications.
  • Work in collaboration for the definition, design, and delivery of new features with intra-functional teams.
  • Work with external APIs and data sources.
  • Test code at the unit level for durability, incorporating usability, edge cases, and general dependability.
  • Work on application performance enhancement and problem-fixing.
  • Continually seek out, assess, and put into practice new technologies to maximize development effectiveness.

Android Developer Requirements

  • Strong understanding of the Android SDK, the various Android versions, and how to work with varying screen widths.
  • The capability to connect Android apps to back-end resources using RESTful APIs.
  • Strong familiarity with the ideas, patterns, and best practices of Android UI design.
  • In-depth knowledge of threading, offline storage, and performance optimization.
  • The capacity to build applications around intuitive user interfaces, such as “touch.”
  • The capability of using extra sensors, including gyroscopes and accelerometers.
  • Knowledge of the libraries that are accessible for common tasks and the open-source Android ecosystem.
  • The capacity to translate business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Familiarity with push alerts and cloud messaging APIs.
  • Talent for optimization and benchmarking.
  • Knowledge of the Android interface guidelines and design ideas.
  • Thorough knowledge of code versioning systems like Git.
  • Knowledge of continuous integration.

Android Developer Prefered Skills

  • BS/MS in computer science, engineering, or a closely related field.
  • Android skill development and demonstrated software development experience.
  • A track record of success developing Android applications.
  • Developed at least one independent Android application.
  • Knowledge of the Android SDK.
  • In-depth knowledge of external libraries and APIs.
  • Practical understanding of the architectures, trends, and new technologies in the mobile space.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the mobile project life cycle.