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Angular Js Developer Job Description Template

Angular Js Developer Job Description

An obsolete JavaScript-based web application framework for creating single-page apps, Angular Js is free and open-source. It was primarily managed by Google as well as a group of people and businesses.

A structural architecture for dynamic web applications is Angular Js. It enables you to make use of HTML as your design language and enhance HTML syntax to represent the components of your application concisely and unambiguously. Data coupling and dependency injection in Angular Js allows you to write a lot less code than you would otherwise. 

If HTML had been created for applications, Angular Js is what it would have been. HTML is an excellent programming language mostly for static texts. It has few tools for building applications.

Job Description

Developers of Angular Js are proficient JavaScript Programmers who are also knowledgeable about some theoretical ideas in software engineering. Compared to various other JavaScript architectures, Angular Js demands that developers follow a set of guidelines known as the “Angular way,” which enables them to get the most out of the architecture and create reliable, effective web apps. Because of this, developers must genuinely understand Angular Js completely and out in addition to being excellent JavaScript programmers.

Angular Js Developer Job Opportunities

For the server side of our software services, we are searching to hire an Angular.js developer. Your main goal will be to deploy a full user experience as a desktop and mobile web application with an emphasis on performance. The creation of modules and components, as well as their integration into a useful program, will be your key responsibility. 

You will receive the creative design along with a few HTML layouts, but we will need your assistance with the CSS, animations, and finished HTML output. Together with the back-end programmers, you will collaborate on projects and use standardized channels to interact with the API. It is necessary to have a complete understanding of every element of our company’s technology and infrastructure.

Angular Js Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Creating an entirely finished front-end software.
  • Great performance on PC and mobile.
  • Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is idiomatic, tested, and documented.
  • Coordinating the process between the HTML coder, graphic designer, and you.
  • Collaborating with the back-end programmer as the RESTful API is being built.
  • Efficient Usage of external web services to communicate.

Angular Js Developer Necessary SkillSet

  • JavaScript and HTML5 knowledge.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Angular.js and professional communication skills.
  • Deep understanding of Angular.js methods and frequently used modules.
  • Competency in developing testable, reusable, and self-contained modules and components.
  • Maintaining a clear connection chain for both the file system and the app logic.
  • Capability to offer single-page app SEO solutions.
  • Extensive understanding of CSS and JS techniques for delivering effective visual effects and ensuring that the framerate is always higher than 30 fps.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the roles played by the infrastructure, caching layer, API, proxies, database, and other web applications utilized in the system.
  • Confirming client-side user actions and giving timely feedback.
  • When necessary, write non-blocking code and use cutting-edge strategies like multi-threading.