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C-Sharp Developer Job Description Template

C-Sharp Developer Job Description

C-sharp developers build applications and codes for windows OS by utilizing the .NET framework. They possess the ability to design, code, and implement user interfaces. Also, efficiently perform debugging and maintaining the source code for long-term durability. A C-sharp developer should perform well as a full-stack programmer if they exhibit working experience in back-end and front-end coding.

C-sharp is an overall sophisticated object-oriented programming language built on top of the Programming Model Infrastructure. To thrive in this role, C-sharp developers should have hands-on experience in developing modern applications for desktop systems or modern web applications powered by complex back-end procedures.

Company Profile

Being the fastest-growing platform for hiring remote experienced developers from India. We ensure that innovative businesses and freelance developers are culturally and technically compatible. We hire developers by vetting them thoroughly to offer the best candidate to our client. 

About the C-Sharp Developer Opportunity

We are looking for the top 1% of talented C-Sharp developers with efficient experience working with real-time projects. You will be working on the .NET framework. As a C-Sharp developer, your paramount responsibility is to meet the requirements of our clients by designing, coding, testing, and implementing C-Sharp programs with reliable features.

You will also be asked to test and maintain the code timely as per the requirements of the project. You are also expected to be a self-focused performer with less expectation of assistance.

Roles and responsibilities of C-Sharp Developer

  • Convert requirements and best practices into real-time applications.
  • Develop C-Sharp services and solutions.
  • Create clean, reliable, scalable, dependable, and efficient C-Sharp code.
  • Focus on reporting and scheduling tasks to develop management systems.
  • Work on developing, tracking, scheduling, and feature-rich monitoring solutions.
  • Conduct assessments to identify project-related technical risks and challenges, then evaluate and recommend a course of action.
  • Develop, incorporate, and try different features across a range of applications.
  • Keep continuous interaction with the client and communicate with his team regularly during the development process. 
  • Identify errors and bugs, and promote an efficient solution for the same.

Required Skillset of C-Sharp developer

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with paramount specialization in Computer Science.
  • 4+ years of industry experience working with real-time projects in C-Sharp.
  • Perfect leadership qualities.
  • Affective communication skills to crack the lead.
  • Work experience on platforms like .NET and Mono.
  • Ability to understand client’s requirements.
  • Strong zeal to meet the deadline.
  • Excellent verbal skills to communicate effectively.
  • Deep understanding of object-oriented programming conceptually.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft SOL server.
  • Familiarity with C-Sharp concurrency patterns.
  • Possess knowledge of Web app frameworks like Nancy. 
  • Expertise in Web Service Creation like REST, SOAP
  • Proficient in design patterns, SOLIP principles, Object-oriented programming, and MVC.

Preferred Abilities of C-Sharp Developer

  • Essential expertise in code versioning systems like Git, SVN, and Mercurial.
  • Conceptual understanding of continuous integration.
  • Ability to understand the project scope.
  • Professional qualifications, if any, must be presented.
  • Setting up unit tests and automated testing infrastructure.

Perks for C-Sharp Developer

  • Consistent advancement opportunities.
  • A decent compensation as per the market profile for a C-Sharp developer.
  • Health Coverage
  • Performance incentives.
  • Subscription perks.
  • Setting up a home office.