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Django Developer Job Description Template

Django Developer Job Description

The high-level Python web platform, Django, promotes quick development and streamlined, practical design. It was created by professional programmers that handle a lot of the complexity associated with web development, freeing you up to focus on creating your app without having to invent the wheel. It is open source and free.

Django was created to make it as simple as possible for designers to develop applications from scratch. Because of its emphasis on security, Django assists developers in avoiding many frequent security blunders. A number of the busiest websites on the internet make use of Django’s rapid and adaptable scaling capabilities.

Company Brief

Django is an open-source coding language that enables you to write complete, reliable, secure, scalable, portable, versatile, and maintainable software.

We promise to deliver a superior experience to both, candidates and organizations. Our belief is that recruitment is more of a science than an art. We are a group of modern professionals from different backgrounds who are incorporated as a team to build applications to create recruitment easy. 

We are looking to hire a Django developer to join our team of experts and do something innovative.

Job Description

Our company is searching for a highly skilled and motivated Django Developer to help with the organization’s web application design and development. You will be responsible for designing backend code that effectively and efficiently connects to the front-end design to exchange data. Being a strong communicator and team player is crucial because you will need to communicate with front-end programmers frequently.

Django Developer Opportunity

A Python framework called Django makes it simpler to develop websites using Python. Django handles the challenging tasks so you can focus on creating your web apps.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), is a philosophy that promotes the reuse of components. Django includes ready-to-use capabilities like a database connection,  a login system, and CRUD activities (Create Read Update Delete).

Hence, as a Django developer, you will get plenty of opportunities to cope with the coming challenges. Every time new developments will make you learn many new things to upgrade your knowledge.

Django Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with other developers and stakeholders.
  • Utilizing the Django framework, write and implement Python code.
  • Find any bottlenecks that could result from wasteful code and repair them.
  • Find and correct software bugs.
  • To ensure that the program functions as intended, create a variety of unit tests.
  • Organize the platform’s security.
  • Create thorough documentation for the code.
  • Mastery of front-end programming languages.

Django Developer Required Skillset

  • The capacity for critical thought and problem-solving.
  • Knowledge of Django and Python architecture at a high level.
  • Familiarity with both MVC and event-driven computing.
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL databases.
  • Excellent knowledge of REST APIs.

Django Developer Prefered Skills

  • Previously employed for 5 years as a Python Developer.
  • A BS/MS in computer science, engineering, or a closely related field.
  • Practical knowledge of Flask, Django, or other Python frameworks.
  • Excellent command of backend scripting languages like Mako, Jinja 2, etc. 
  • Basic ORM ( Object Relational Mapping) library knowledge.

Django Developer Benefits

  • Hybrid working model.
  • Interaction with international customers.
  • Salary no bar for the right candidates.
  • Support and assistance in further studies/skill enhancements.