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Golang Developer Job Description Template

Golang Developer Job Description

A Golang developer is a highly skilled software professional who uses the Go language to build software applications. For any business, speed and performance are the key factors to attract customers. Golang developers are responsible for building a strong and efficient back-end system to create scalable and robust software products and connect the applications to other web services and also maintaining, testing, and debugging the software.

Job Description:

As a Golang developer, you must possess a good understanding of Go tools and frameworks and be able to develop optimized, scalable, and modular software.

Golang Developer Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement fully functional software with Go Programming Language.
  • Ability to write efficient and modular Go code.
  • Have experience in working with Go Frameworks and creating efficient microservices.
  • Ability to develop an architectural design, understand different design patterns and test the environment.
  • Write test cases to create a functional code ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Identify the bugs and Document the bug fixes.

Golang Developer Requirements:

  • Solid understanding of the Go Language and its syntax.
  • Knowledge of Go Web frameworks(Echo, Beego, Gin, Revel, Chi).
  • Knowledge of Go libraries (Go Kit, GORM, Gen, CLI).
  • Experience with Relational databases (PostgreSQL or MySQL).
  • Experience with scripting (Shell/PERL).
  • In-depth knowledge of REST APIs, creating and extracting data using JSON.
  • Experience in using Version Control System (Git).
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices.