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Want to hire a node js developer? Skills should be checked before you hire

The Internet of Things age and the wave of automation that has rocked the tech world are driving growth in the software and SAAS sectors. To complete their software development requirements, It has become a priority for many offshore organizations to hire a node js developer for a variety of reasons. 

Node.js is one of the most widely used technologies for creating scalable and high-performance applications. Developers can use it as a runtime environment to execute JavaScript on the server. Numerous well-known businesses have hired node js developers in recent years for their web apps.

What is Node.Js Exactly?

Software that can run JavaScript code is called Node.js. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, to put it another way. It is a setting created to enable the use of JavaScript scripting for server-side scripting.
Hiring node.js developers help companies to communicate with an operating system continuously because node.js is designed to run web servers. One of the most recent and well-liked programming languages, especially for creating backend software, is node.js. Node.js was initially created in C++ and later constructed using Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. A low-level language like C was used to create Node.js, making it simple for the program to access operating system resources and use them to carry out commands.

Why do companies mostly prefer to hire Node a JS developer?

Businesses hire node.js developers to create their software and web applications with node.js language because of its efficiency and scalability. Node.js makes application development relatively quick and simple. For producing their products in sync with their vision and ideas, companies are, hence, in search to hire Node.js developers who are proficient in this language.


  • Building online apps, real-time applications, or APIs are just a few examples of the many applications that Node.js may be used for.
  • This makes it perfect for businesses that need to develop many kinds of applications for their operations.


  • Scalability is one of the primary factors influencing the use of Node.js by top businesses.
  • Node.js is built to be extremely scalable; it can process numerous requests without experiencing performance issues.
  • Because of this, it’s perfect for creating apps that must manage a lot of traffic, like social media platforms or e-commerce websites.


  • Node.js is created on top of V8 JavaScript engine, which is well-known for its speed and performance.
  • Because of its ability to manage numerous requests while using little resources, Node.js is perfect for creating high-performance apps.
  • Some of the leading companies that use Node.js are Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal, Uber, as well as Walmart.

Things should be considered before you hire a node JS developer

What are the precise characteristics that employers should consider while hiring node.js developers? If you are planning to recruit such experts in your company, the important node.js developer skills that you must look for in a candidate are:

1. Vast Expertise

Experience is the key to expertise. Therefore, employers must accurately assess a candidate’s prior involvement in Node.js development projects. External credentials like specialized training or a certificate are usually advantageous. Given that Node.js was first released in 2009, having 2-3 years of experience is definitely a bonus for any applicant. 

The effectiveness and efficiency of software development are greatly influenced by experience. Organizations must assess the projects that the developers have completed during their years of experience. By three years, they should have completed multiple projects and have a ton of knowledge in development and bug repairs. If the developer has made any contributions to other Node.js projects in the public domain, you should also check them out to get a more accurate idea.

2. Knowledge of the Node.js Frameworks

As previously indicated, Node.js was created using Chrome’s V8 JavaScript. The efficiency and the many-faceted frameworks, sizable library of modules, IDEs, and tools are two of the main factors that contribute to the language’s popularity among software firms. Companies wishing to hire Node.js developers must be aware of these individuals’ proficiency with a variety of fundamental Node.js frameworks, including Express, the language’s core framework, as well as Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js, which help to expand Node.js’s core functionality. 

Additionally, it’s very helpful to have additional knowledge of fundamental and full-stack Modular View Controller (MVC) frameworks such as StrongLoop, Sinatra, Rails, and, Meteor, ActionHero, Derby, etc. Others include Angular.js, Blaze, React, etc., which are advanced frameworks.

3. Front-end development expertise

For creating backend technologies like a web app or automated dashboard, Node.js is a valuable language. As a result, you ought to consider the backend node.js developer skills. A good Node.js developer must also understand how the software will seem from the outside, in addition to creating these backend mechanics.

As a result, he or she has a fair degree of expertise when it comes to developing the software’s front end, having a foundational understanding of the front-end programming language, design view, and developing software from wireframes, among other things. Organizations should, therefore, assess their expertise and understanding in front-end development.

4. Ability to communicate using APIs

Numerous projects and tools already in existence can greatly simplify Node.js app development. By using APIs, these projects can be merged with the current systems. A good Node.js developer must be able to work more efficiently, utilizing the RESTful APIs that already exist, as well as other fundamental APIs, and combine various systems for better software development.

5. Business Database Management

The ideal node.js developer should be proficient in managing several databases and should know how to combine multiple databases into one. Additionally, the engineers must understand how to manage the databases’ security in an efficient manner. It’s also essential to have a thorough knowledge of NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB, and Orchestrate, as well as relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite.

6. Effective Timing Management

In order to avoid delays in product launch or client delivery, the product development process typically contains important deadlines. Developers who don’t set deadlines or manage the project properly could be in big trouble. Organizations should, therefore, examine their past evaluations, the timelines by which their prior projects were completed, as well as their capacity to manage current deadlines.

7. Capabilities for testing and handling errors

Test-driven software development and quick issue fixes are skills that every good Node.js developer has. The developer’s activities should complement the testing project. He or she must be able to communicate clearly with the person in charge of your software testing in order to completely test every component of the product as soon as it is developed and both before and after launch. They should also be adept at handling the asynchronous programming workaround, which is another technical talent to look for.

Apart from all this, it is essential to have knowledge of various server-side programming languages, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTML5, and CSS3. When spending money to engage a JavaScript developer for offshore development, a proper understanding of AWS is also required. An important benefit is having knowledge and expertise in answering server-related queries.

Overall, the developer should be knowledgeable on all the most recent Node.js development projects, as well as tools needed to match your product code requirements. They should also have the capacity to generate effective, bug-free code. These are a few of the skill sets to take into account when you actively hire a Node js developer for your projects.

Hire a Node Js DeveloperFinal Thoughts

The smart hiring of Node.js developers will enable your company to succeed in the rapidly changing digital environment. These gifted individuals are an invaluable resource for creating scalable, high-performance apps because they not only possess a command of JavaScript but also have a thorough understanding of server-side development. A competitive edge, quicker time to market, and inventive solutions are just a few benefits of investing in great personnel. 

You will not only choose coders when you hire a node js developer; you’re also acquiring allies who can advance your company’s online presence. Be careful when you hire a node js Developer, take care of your Node.js staff, and watch your projects grow under the direction of these excellent experts.