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.Net Developer Job Description Template

.Net Developer Job Description

DotNet is one of the open-source design platforms, designed by Microsoft to develop various different types of web applications.

.NET is a free and cross-platform framework for developers that may be used to create a wide range of applications.

With .NET, you can create applications for the desktop, web, gaming,  mobile, IoT, and more using a variety of languages, editors, and libraries.

C#, F#, and Visual Basic can all be used to create .NET applications.

  • The programming language C# is type-safe, contemporary, object-oriented, and straightforward.
  • Programming languages like F# make it simple to create code that is concise, reliable, and performant.
  • Build type-safe, entity apps with the straightforward syntax of Visual Basic, an understandable language.

Hence, a .NET developer can be one who has in-depth understanding in either of the above coding language.

Job Description

Microsoft created the.NET Framework as a software framework. It is strong, adaptable, and suitable for designing variety of applications. Every.NET developer needs to be at least competent in either C# or VB.NET, or even ideal in both.  Scalability, performance, testing, and security are just a few of the many facets of the application that a expert .NET developer must be able to handle. 

A fully skilled.NET engineer can use .NET to create complex desktop applications, highly distributed web applications, or even contemporary mobile applications. A deeper understanding of Mono is advantageous since it can be used to target an even larger range of platforms when combined with.NET.

.NET Developer Job Opportunities

We are looking to hire a .NET developer who will be in charge of creating.NET apps using both front-end and back-end technologies of .NET language. Your main duties will be to plan and create various tiers of our apps and to communicate with the other team members who are working on various infrastructure layers. It is crucial to be dedicated to creative problem-solving, smart design, and high-quality output.

As a .NET developer, you will get the opportunity to design new apps, set up current systems, and give user assistance.

You will be developing functional code for this position and have a keen eye for spotting errors. You must have an excellent communication skills and be a team player. We’d love to meet you if you share our enthusiasm for the .NET framework and software architecture/layout.

Working with the technical team to design, create, and maintain software will be your key objective.

.NET Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Use well-known development tools, standards, and practises, such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and C#/VB.NET.
  • Write, maintain, and fix code for various .Net applications, as well as fix system flaws.
  • For a variety of.Net apps, create test-based applications.
  • By examining corporate goals and developing a plan of action, existing systems can be improved.
  • Focus and plan portions for change and improvement to make the application reliable and of superior quality.
  • By monitoring the defect tracking system, you should fix all problems and make system updates.
  • Look into new technology and learn how to use them.
  • Create technological requirements and test strategies.
  • Observe system operations on a regular basis and offer support as needed.

.NET Developer Necessary SkillSet

  • BS/MS in Computer Engineering, MIS, or a related field, plus previous programming experience
  • 2 years of development expertise with C#, .NET,  ASP.NET, SQL Server, and  Windows Forms.
  • Extensive knowledge of object-oriented development methods.
  • Best Practices and Programming Paradigms, e.g. SOA.
  • Proficiency in database development and design (Microsoft SQL Server).
  • WCF, Web Services, and service-oriented architecture knowledge are additional skills.
  • Competency in concurrent development as well as continuous integration.
  • Better understanding of Git, Jenkins or Bamboo.