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Perl Developer Job Description Template

Perl Developer Job Description

Perl is a server-side and high-level programming language. Perl is very similar to C Programming Language and compatible with procedural and Object-Oriented programming. Perl is very efficient to handle regular expressions and network sockets and can be embedded into web and database servers.

An open-source programming language called Perl is employed for everything from system administration to web creation. It is well-liked by both newbies and professional developers due to its versatility and usability.

The task of developing new apps and keeping the ones that already exist falls on Perl developers. They might also be charged with seeing and fixing bugs or other problems as they appear.

Job Description

Perl developer is responsible to create applications using the Perl programming language. They gather requirements, process data, manage databases and provide solutions to deliver.

Perl Developer Job Opportunity

We are searching to hire a Perl Developer to be a part of our organization and assist us in producing top-notch, cutting-edge software. As a Perl developer,  your prior responsibility will be creating and managing our Perl-based apps. 

You should be familiar with relational databases, object-oriented programming, and Perl in order to succeed in this position. Additionally, you should be capable of working alone and accept responsibility for your own work.

Perl Developer Job Responsibilities

  • To support a wide range of web-based applications, create, build, and maintain optimal Perl code.
  • Create Perl modules that are well thought out, testable, and reusable.
  • Participate throughout the entire development process.
  • Observe good coding, troubleshooting, and testing techniques.
  • Conduct code reviews and problem-solving.
  • As required, assist with system management responsibilities.
  • Improve the overall design and architecture of the applications by working with other team members.
  • Keep abreast with the most recent trends and technologies in your field.
  • Manage several tasks at once and make quick adjustments when priorities shift.
  • Take charge of the tasks you are given and finish them.
  • Make suggestions to management after proactively identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Give less seasoned developers guidance and leadership.

Perl Developer Job Requirements

  • Strong understanding and expertise in Object-Oriented Perl application development.
  • Expertise in C, C++, and Java programming languages.
  • Work experience with Unix/Linux environments and shell scripting.
  • Familiarity with CGI protocol and RESTful web services.
  • Hands-on experience in Web 2.0 application development(JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3), web technologies, and standards.
  • Strong knowledge of database MySQL.
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools (Git).
  • Experience in working in Agile process.