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Rails Developer Job Description Template

Rails Developer Job Description

Model-view-controller (MVC) framework, Rails offers pre-built structures for web pages, web services, and databases. It promotes and makes it easier to employ web standards like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for user interface and JSON or XML for data transfer.

In the field of web development and app programming, Rails is among the numerous web frameworks. These frameworks are groups of code libraries that provide ready-made answers to time-consuming, repeated chores for app and web developers, such as creating panels, tables, or buttons on a website.

Job Description

The Ruby programming language has been enhanced by the software library known as Rails. Its author is David Heinemeier Hansson. Although it is frequently just referred to as “Rails,” he chose to call it “Ruby on Rails.”

A framework for creating websites is called Rails. As a result, Rails creates conventions to make maintenance and cooperation simpler. The Rails API (application programming interface) codifies these conventions.

We are looking forward to hiring a Rails developer who has proficiency with the conventions of the Rails application programming interface.

Rails Developer Opportunities

A software application that runs on a website server is created using the Ruby programming language along with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS using the Rails framework. Rails is regarded as a server-side, or “back end,” web-based application development platform because it functions on a web server.

We are seeking a Ruby on Rails developer who will be in charge of overseeing the data transfer between the users and the server. Development of the server-side logic, creation, and upkeep of the centralized database, and guaranteeing high speed and quick response to front-end requests will be your main priorities. Additionally, you are in charge of incorporating the front-end components that your colleagues have created into the program. Therefore, having a working knowledge of front-end technology is equally essential as that of the server-side web applications.

Rails Developer Responsibilities

  • Create, construct, and manage reusable and dependable Ruby code.
  • Options for integrating data storage.
  • Combining server-side functionality with user-facing components created by front-end developers.
  • Find problems such as errors and inefficiencies and come up with remedies.
  • Aid in maintaining the organization, quality, and automation of the code.

Rails Developer Required Skills

  • Knowledge of RSpec, Resque, and other widely used libraries in addition to Ruby on Rails.
  • A thorough knowledge of Ruby’s syntax and semantics.
  • Solid programming object-oriented knowledge.
  • Good knowledge of server-side templating languages, depending on your technological stack, such as Slim, Liquid, etc.
  • Depending on the needs of the project, a thorough knowledge of backend CSS preprocessors, such as Sass.
  • Basic familiarity with front-end technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.
  • expertise in Mocking, MVC, RESTful, and ORM concepts.
  • Excellent talent for crafting readable, clean Ruby code.

Rails Developer Prefered Skillset

  • Ability to combine several databases and data sources into one system.
  • Knowledge of the basic design conventions underlying complex applications.
  • Possess the ability to design database queries that describe and facilitate business processes.
  • Able to use unit tests and automated testing systems.
  • Knowledge of code versioning technologies, such as Mercurial, SVN, and Git. 
  • Knowledge of development-supporting tools (such as Bundler, Bower, Rake, etc.).