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Solidity Developer Job Description Template

Solidity Developer Job Description

Solidity is a curly-braced, statically-typed programming language created specifically for designing smart contracts that operate on Ethereum. Solidity is developing quickly for a language that is still relatively new. Every two to three weeks, we try to release a regular (non-breaking) version, and every year, we attempt to release two breaking versions.

The Solidity Github project allows you to keep track of the progress of the implementation of new features.  By shifting from the standard branch (‘develop’) to the ‘breaking branch,’ you may observe the future changes for the upcoming breaking release. Solidity can be actively shaped by your contributions and involvement in language architecture.

Company Brief

We are the fastest emerging Solidity creation organization. We focus on developing scalable smart contracts and decentralized applications for a variety of uses, including Defi, DAOs, digital identification, gambling, tokenization, and other legal applications.

We have worked on more than 15 blockchain projects and successfully launched more than 80 smart contracts.

We are a team of 75+ employees with specific job niches promoting a vision to broaden our team globally.

Job Description

The corporate market is experiencing a moment of intense demand for everything associated with Blockchain due to the growing popularity of ideas like Web3 and decentralization.

This opens up new job opportunities for developers by using programming languages designed to create projects in this industry.

Utilizing the Solidity programming language, a Solidity developer is in charge of creating sophisticated contracts for applications that rely on Ethereum. They are in charge of developing high-security technologies and generating smart contracts for decentralized apps.

Solidity Developer Responsibilities

  • Development and administration of dApps and smart contracts.
  • Implementation of security standards and network design.
  • Technical analysis and evaluation of current Blockchain systems.
  • Invent technology with strong security.
  • Introducing additional features and enhancing current Blockchain initiatives.
  • Integration of Solidity code across many platforms.
  • Blockchain technology integration with current applications.
  • Creation of novel concepts with the assistance of interdisciplinary teams and product managers.

Solidity Developer Required Skillset

  • Excellent understanding of Solidity.
  • Basic knowledge of Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming languages
  • Strong understanding of smart contracts and associated ideas.
  • Familiarity with the features and uses of the Ethereum Blockchain, its applications, and functions.
  • Knowledge of creating smart contracts.
  • Deep knowledge of blockchain projects’ and applications’ architecture and design.
  • Practical expertise in Blockchain project development on different platforms.
  • Practical expertise in Blockchain project development on different platforms. 
  • Proficiency in ERC20, ERC721, and various other protocols.
  • Good knowledge of the basic principles of encryption.
  • Peer-to-peer networking expertise.
  • Knowledge of test-driven development
  • Basic understanding of SQL and other database technologies.
  • Capacity for adaptability.
  • Readiness to learn new things.
  • Solid communication abilities.
  • Ability to function well in a group.

Solidity Developer Prefered Skillset 

  • Strong background in software development.
  • Worked expertise in big codebases.
  • Working knowledge of open-source projects.
  • Competency in one of the languages like Java, JavaScript, and C++.
  • Strong familiarity with standard data structures and methods.
  • Knowledge of fundamental cryptography.
  • Knowledge of P2P networks.
  • Strong proficiency with blockchains similar to bitcoin.
  • Strong experience building multithreaded programs that is both safe and efficient.