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Top Skills to Look When You Hire Node.js Programmer

In today’s tech world, Node.js is one of the most widely used backend technologies. Node.js, an open-source server-side framework, has grown like a fictional story. Now If you’re tech-savvy and keep up with the newest app developments, you’ve probably heard of “Node.js.” Last year, the number of job searches for Node.js increased by 57%, according to Indeed.

There are a myriad of reasons why Node.js is so popular in the market. The runtime environment, sometimes known as ‘Node,’ encourages rapid and scalable programme development. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are scouring the globe for top-tier Node.js developers. Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, NASA, PayPal, Microsoft, and Walmart are just a few digital titans and international corporations that use this particular type of tech. It’s important to verify the candidates’ skills to hire for Node.js technology.

What exactly is Node.js? 

Node.js is a popular and up-to-date programming language, designed for backend software development. Node.js is written in C++ and later ported to Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is also known as Node.

To simplify things, Node.js allows developers to write server-side scripting commands using JavaScript (backend scripting). This essentially implies that Node.js aids the server-side execution of scripts that generate dynamic web page content before the page is transmitted to the user’s browser. 

Here is a list of well-known Node.js frameworks:

  • Meteor.js 
  • Adonis.js 
  • Nest.js 
  • Express.js

Skills required to Hire Node.js Programmer

How to build a team of skilled Node.js engineers who can help you fully leverage this programming language’s capabilities. We’ll attempt to compile a list of the most critical topics a Node.js developer should be aware of to be deemed a viable contender. 

Skills required for a Node.js programmer are: 

  1. Experience: Ever since its inception in 2009, several contributors have enhanced Node.js as an open-source platform. Its Node.js frameworks, IDEs, and tools library are extensive. A web developer should have several Node.js projects under their belt after working with Node.js for three years. It would be preferable if the developer helped the Node.js community with bug fixes and patches.

They demonstrate a thorough grasp of Node.js internals via their active engagement and contributions to the Node.js projects. This demonstrates that they work well in groups and are enthusiastic about developing bespoke software and online applications.

2. In-depth Knowledge of Node.js: There are several Node.js frameworks, and the developers you recruit should have extensive knowledge and experience in all. Ensure that any Node.js engineers you hire are familiar with MVC frameworks for Node.js, such as Rails, Sinatra, and Strong Loop.

3. Database Management: Database management is a useful skill set, especially when dealing with organizations or apps that handle a large amount of data. Developers using Node.js should be able to work with many databases and, if required, combine them. Perhaps most critically, they must be able to keep database security intact during the process.

4. Asynchronous Programming: Asynchronous programming is at the heart of Node.js. Asynchronous programming reduces waiting time and allows you to run many functions simultaneously, increasing work efficiency, performance, and productivity.

5. Should be Able to Write Efficient Code: Object-oriented code must be designed for application development such that it is easily accessible and understandable. Some freelance developers only write understandable code, which makes it harder for other developers to comprehend and modify.

6. Error Handling Skills: One of the most important aspects of the development process is error management. Make sure you hire node.js engineers who know when to crash and record an error when recruiting. Basic problem-solving abilities, such as troubleshooting and syntax management, should be known by a knowledgeable developer.

7. Restful APIs and API Communication Proficiency: It’s essential to understand how to decipher API code and deal with numerous systems’ interactions. Custom RESTful APIs for Node.js development should be doable for experienced developers.

8. Exceptional command of Express.Js: Express.Js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for backend development. Its main application is to create Restful APIs that receive requests from the frontend and respond appropriately. Essentially, Express.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to create a backend. To begin, create an NPM project, install the Express package, and construct models, routes, and so on. A basic backend server is now available.

9. Proficient using NPM and third-party integration:  Aside from NodeJS, the developer should be familiar with Node Package Manager (NPM) and how to utilize it to deal with web applications on the backend. NPM is a package manager that manages a variety of server-side dependencies. NPM makes development, testing, and production easier for developers by installing the Javascript libraries they require.

10. Hands-on working experience with Databases like MySQL and MongoDB: As NodeJS is concerned with the backend, the freelance NodeJS developer must be familiar with popular SQL databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL and NoSQL (Not only SQL) databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra in order to create real-world online applications. These databases, which can store material in any format, are commonly used with Node.js. The mongoose library is necessary for working with MongoDB, while the MySQL library is required for dealing with MySQL. These modules must fulfill the following tasks: Connection Pooling – Specify the number of database connections that Node.js should keep and store.

11. Knowledge About Front-End Technology: Node.js is a programming language used to develop backend software like an automated dashboard or a web app.. However good a Node.js freelance developer is, he must know about the front-end technologies that are driving the user experience like React and Angular.  . Check if they have a strong understanding of developing the front-end of software, which includes the knowledge of the front-end programming languages like React, Angular, Vue and Next.js, design perspective, and building software from wireframes, among other things. As a result, firms should assess their expertise and experience in front-end development.

So finally, now that you have all the necessary knowledge to make the best hiring decision for Node.js web developers. To recap, if you want to employ a Node.js developer and have your project successful, follow these steps. Overall, because of the popularity of Node.js, finding a developer with all the necessary skills to hire a Node.js programmer is a manageable process that needs careful thought and examination of a variety of aspects.

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