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TypeScript Developer Job Description Template

TypeScript Developer Job Description

TypeScript is termed a “Syntactic Superset” of JavaScript which implies that it utilizes similar syntactic structures as that of JavaScript while possessing some additional features. This refers that TypeScript puts syntax before JavaScript and enables coders to include Types.

TypeScript enables the specification of types of data that pass in the code. TypeScript also reports errors whenever the types used do not match before consoling the code. Type checking is done at compile time with TypeScript. This means that rather than running the code while it is being checked for compatibility, it does so beforehand.

TypeScript is an object-oriented, dynamically typed, executable programming language that is an extended version of JavaScript. It is created by experts to offer better scalability. TypeScript is an open-source coding language and is regarded as both a library of tools and a language.

Business Goals

As an engineer working for 10 years, we are proud and humbled by the fact that we are offering services that power data teams in more than 20 countries around the world ranging from small startups to even 400 bigger ones.

Our services are playing a great role in automation for our users, also being a part of their usual workflows it is directly impacting their success.

Our mission is to maintain these services to a better extent followed by expanding new products.

Job Description

Typescript developers bear a heavy responsibility in creating the finest customer experience with website applications and platforms. Our corporate footprint is growing and we are providing new opportunities. Become a member of our international team working together to serve our worldwide business by joining our skilled team as a Typescript developer. 

TypeScript Developer Career Opportunities

We are seeking for highly talented and experienced TypeScript developer to work with our experts. You will get the opportunity to learn new things every day however you must have that zeal of facing challenges. 

You will design, code, and implement scalable, responsive, and engaging user interfaces for the applications of our company.

TypeScript Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Design, build, and deploy user interface approach.
  • Create modern, user-friendly interface design for our web properties in collaboration with developers and designers.
  • Work on the layout, appearance, and feel of our online properties.
  • Constantly enhance user experience.
  • Analyze user preferences.
  • Do some best practices and new technology research.
  • Work collaboratively on projects using shared code, with strict adherence to source code management and process documentation.
  • By doing code analyses and proposing adjustments to policies and procedures, you can enhance the quality of JS and CSS.

Necessary Skills of TypeScript Developer

  • You have at least 3 years of real-world exposure as a TypeScript Developer.
  • You must be proficient in a number of programming languages that are linked to this field, including JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.
  • You should have demonstrated success using mobile technologies like React Native and NativeScript.
  • Highly versed in the various development libraries and frameworks such as Angularjs, React, etc.
  • Strong expertise in CSS preprocessors like SAAS and LESS.
  • Possess strong skills at working with and developing streamlined, framework-free applications.
  • Expert in real-time communication methods like WebSockets.

Preferred Skills of TypeScript Developer

  • Strong understanding of the different JavaScript frameworks.
  • Background knowledge of Bitcoin or the blockchain.
  • Excellent time management ability.
  • Communication and interpersonal abilities.