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Web3 Developer Job Description Template

Web3 Developer Job Description

Instead of being restricted to a singular cloud server, Web3 developers construct applications that are deployed on a cryptocurrency or decentralized P2P channel that is not under the jurisdiction of a single entity. In other words, Web3 programmers operate similarly to the majority of cryptocurrencies based on the design of Bitcoin.

A programmer that creates websites from user requirements, prototypes, and website designs is known as a web3 developer. To create, maintain, and deploy web applications, they use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Depending on the technology stack for your website, web developers could also employ a range of computer languages, such as Ruby, PHP, and Python. The website’s compatibility with all hardware and browsers is another requirement for web3 developers.

Job Description

In order to build a worldwide network of businesses with automated regulation, marketplaces, and next-generation Crypto Identity for supplying the greatest user experience possible, we have been currently implementing blockchain technology.

We are looking forward to hiring a Web3 Developer to join our interdisciplinary team to manage all the aspects of the developed and developing applications.

The SDK and public API for our platform have to be designed, implemented, and supported, hence we are searching to hire a Web3 Full-Stack programmer. Your main task will be to lead the development of our organization’s public Web service and documents and to make sure that our API users receive a top-notch developer experience.

Web3 Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Create the application that will serve as the backbone of the upcoming digital identity age.
  • Become a member of a cutting-edge, multicultural Blockchain and DevOps team.
  • Utilize cutting-edge DLT platforms, such as wallets, Ethereum, Cosmos, and Hyperledger.
  • Possess the capacity to work on a variety of Blockchain layers and issues, including L1 networks, wallets, and applications, governance, designing incentives, and implementing use cases.
  • Gain superior protocol design skills while working collaboratively with programmers from more than 100 partner firms, including significant industry associations.
  • Design, create, manage, support, and perform documentation for our API and SDK.
  • As new technologies and tools are developed, consider potential applications and assist in evaluating them.
  • Assume responsibility for connectivity and business logic while maintaining and extending the current API.

Web3 Developer Skills

  • Strong background in software development (2+ years of experience).
  • Experience with developer relations and designing.
  • Working knowledge of open-source projects
  • Strong familiarity with standard data structures and techniques.
  • Knowledge of web3.
  • Strong design skills for APIs and SDKs.
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript, Node.js, and other cutting-edge web development tools.
  • Proficiency in Solidity.

Web3 Developer Prefered Skills

  • More than two years of software engineering experience.
  • In-depth industry experience of dynamically typed programming (Java/Kotlin, Typescript).
  • Excellent knowledge of wallets, smart contracts, and dapps.
  • Experience with infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes).
  • A love of learning new technology on a constant basis (recommended in web3 space).
  • Excellent English communication abilities.
  • Contributions to a project that is medium-sized to huge in scope.
  • Professional React/VueJS frontend development experience.
  • Extensive familiarity with the Public blockchain Indy stack.
  • Knowledge of contemporary authentication

Web3 Developer Perks

We provide a comprehensive employee experience by providing:

  • Tokens, profit-sharing equity, and competitive pay.
  • Versatile vacation policy.
  • Parental leave and comprehensive health care programmes.
  • Education and advancement in the workplace.
  • Remote initial.