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Ultragenius is the foremost choice of recruiters. Ultragenius provides you only with the top 1% freelance developers among 20K+ developers who apply on our platform.

The platform which connects skilled developers with top companies

Ultragenius is a decentralized network that connects the top talented  freelancers and developers with the leading Silicon Valley companies.

Hire only top 1% freelance developers

We only hire the top developers and connect them with the best Silicon Valley companies.

Examining by rigorous testsans assessments

We examine the top candidates only after conducting rigorous tests and interviews.

Excellent job opportunities

Freelance developers who have worked as a tech lead or senior software engineer have excellent job opportunities working with Ultragenius.

Part-time work availability

Along with full-time job opportunities, we also allow the part-time work jobs. Freelancers also have great opportunities to work.

Effective Communication

Our developers and recruiters understand remote work challenges and overcome them by effective communication.

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