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Rishabh is a software engineer having 7+ years of experience in designing robust and high performance web applications. He has design several server-side web applications using PHP.

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Mahesh is a software engineer having 3+ years of experience in developing full stack web applications using Python, PHP, and MongoDB.

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John is a software engineer having 10+ years of experience developing dynamic web applications using Java and is well-versed in Linux commands.

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LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl and is an open source platform which utilizes the complete software bundle to design dynamic and high-performance web applications. However,  LAMP has now become a generic software model to work with and the components are interchangeable. 

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Want to hire freelance LAMP developers on your own? Here are the skills you must look for while hiring a freelance LAMP developer

Hiring freelance LAMP developers might be an intricate task for you if you are a non-technical manager. Today, many top trending websites like Drupal and Joomla use LAMP stack for developing their websites due to its large amount of source code. LAMP offers a widespread support and security and you can host your website on any platform. But, hiring the most skilled freelance LAMP developers among thousands of developers is a challenging task for anyone. So, UltraGenius is here to assist you while recruiting the top talented freelance LAMP developers on your own. UltraGenius understands your job requirements and gets you only the top developers who have in-depth knowledge of software development.

The following skills you must look for while hiring a freelance LAMP developer –¬†

Steadfast knowledge of HTML and CSS

Knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a must to any freelance LAMP developer. Knowledge of Flexbox and CSS Grid, in addition to Bootstrap, Semantic and Structural Styling, and Foundation is a must to any LAMP developer. Along with this, the freelance LAMP developer should be well-versed in Javascript libraries especially jQuery and CSS grid systems. 

Javascript fundamentals + ES6

Javascript is most widely used language in developing dynamic web applications and helps a developer integrate back-end with the front-end easily. The¬†freelance LAMP¬†developer¬†must be clear with the fundamental concepts of Javascript language. ECMAScript 6 (or ES6) is the current version of ECMAScript and is widely used by developers up to a large extent. The¬†freelance LAMP developers must be familiar with these ES6 skills ‚Äst¬†

  • Arrow functions
  • Blocked scope constructors let and const
  • Advanced object literals
  • Template literals
  • Multi-line strings
  • Modules
  • Module loaders
  • Binary and octal literals
  • Reflect API
  • Proxies
  • Classes
  • Destructuring assignment
CSS Pre-processors and Frameworks

A CSS pre-processor is a program that extends the functionality of CSS and compiles it into regular CSS. SASS, PostCSS, SCSS, and LESS are the extensions of regular CSS and LAMP freelancers to implement functions like math functions, color manipulation, to write better inline documentation, to easily integrate CSS tools and CSS codebase, and much more. It makes developers write lines of code in very less time because of its in-built functionalities.

You must check the developer’s knowledge of Bootstrap and Material UI, as these components enable easier and faster web development.

Firm understanding of SOAP and REST APIs

The freelance LAMP developer should know about Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) APIs which establishes communication between a client and a server using XML format. The advantage of SOAP APIs is it is independent of programming languages for request and response. It uses underlying transport protocol for communication. 

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST APIs act as an interface for communication between a client and a server. REST APIs use GET request to retrieve a record from the database, POST request to create a record in the database, PUT to update the record, and DELETE to delete the record.

Experienced in working with Version Control System (VCS)

Freelance LAMP Developers must have a very good knowledge of version control systems, like Git, SVN, TFS, and Mercurial. Mostly, developers use Git for their work. It is the version control system that helps the team in collaborating and organizing your code, maintain the frequent changes that occur in the code. Git helps in reviewing the old codes and compares them with the newly updated code, pulling the code from their repository, and managing the commit history.

Check the¬†LAMP developers freelancer‘s knowledge of using add, push, pull, and commit commands. Along with this, the developer must know about branching and merging which allows developers to work independently on the code while working in a¬†team.

Excellent understanding of databases like MySQL and MongoDB

The combination of Apache HTTP web server, MySQL, and PHP is great for developing robust and scalable web applications. MySQL provides great support for every application development requirement. The freelance LAMP developers must have hands-on experience working with databases like MySQL and must have knowledge about Not-only SQL (NoSQL) databases. 

Knowledge of PHP/Python/Perl programming language

The freelance LAMP developer must know about any of the widely used server-side programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, or Perl. PHP is widely used server side programming language for developing dynamic web applications. Python is another robust and scalable language used on both frontend and backend. Perl is another language known for its text manipulation feature. Perl is also used by freelance LAMP developers in web development, system administration, and GUI development.

Knowledge of Front-end frameworks and libraries

Familiarity with at least one of the front-end frameworks is a must for any freelance LAMP developer like React.js or Angular.js. These front-end frameworks are greatly required in today’s market. React is popular for its faster development of Single Page Applications while Angular uses interpolation, dependency injection, and eliminates coding mistakes by using the strongly typed Typescript that resolves many programming challenges faced by the developers.

Experience in Writing Cross-Browser compatible code

You must hire the freelance LAMP developers based on their ability to write cross browser platform compatible code. With cross-browser compatibility, your website will have an increasing traffic and it will deliver the best user driven experience, independent of the browser on which it is running on.

Well versed in Linux commands

For a LAMP developer freelancer, it is important to have knowledge about Linux commands. Check if the freelance LAMP developer is well-versed in Linux commands like ls, cd, tail, cat, curl, grep, ps, env, top, netstat, ip, df, lsof, nslookup, chmod, sestatus, firewall-cmd, history, mv, rm, rm -rf,  and many more.

Firm understanding of Apache HTTP server and Tomcat

Apache HTTP server is one of the widely used server on  both Linux and Windows operating systems. The Apache HTTP server serves as a tool for accepting HTTP requests from the Internet client and responds them with the desired information in the form of webpages and files. In Apache, the changes made are saved automatically without even restarting the server.

Apache Tomcat is another project of Apache which is designed to execute Java Servlet applications. It provides dynamic content by implementing Java based logic.

Experience with web markup and UI, UX Concepts

The freelance LAMP developer must have a firm understanding of element positioning, displaying the elements, and making components interactive, semantic markup, and other related UX Concepts so they can design the product with the best quality. Check the freelance LAMP developers’ knowledge about adding visual effects in presentational markup. For, example – How the heading appears, making text larger and putting weight to it, and giving which color to it, and which markup can include captions, bind columns, and row headings to table cells. fre


jQuery is the most used Javascript library by developers worldwide. Among the top 10 million websites that operate today, 77.8% of them use jQuery because jQuery functions on top of Javascript. It simplifies HTML document traversing and manipulation, event handling,  CSS animation, and Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) interactions for rapid application development. The LAMP developers freelancers must have experience working with jQuery and other Javascript libraries.

Proficient in writing optimized and readable code

You must hire the freelance LAMP developers based on the ability to write proficient, high-quality, reliable, and high-performance code for streamlining their development project. The LAMP developers freelancer must have the ability to explain the code to the other team members as well.

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Almost everyone prefers to use LAMP stack for building optimized and dynamic high performance web applications because of its widespread support and greater security.  LAMP provides a robust bundle of tools and code to design and develop powerful web applications. But recruiting the best freelance LAMP developers is not an easy task when a large no. of freelance LAMP developers are competing to grab the job opportunities.

Top Interview Questions to ask while hiring a freelance LAMP developer

PHP uses a hash algorithm for password encryption. For this, PHP has a variety of methods - 

  • md5()
  • crypt()
  • password_hash()

MD5 algorithm is a one-way encryption algorithm and generates a 32-bit characters string which is also called hash hexadecimal number for any word the user puts in the input. The md5() function calculates the respective hash for a given string. The function is md5(string, parameter), where the string is the input given by the user and the parameter is optional value to pass. 

The crypt algorithm generates the password without the salt. The salt is a random string used in modifying the password hash. The salt string distinguishes between two passwords if different users possess the same password. The function is crypt($string, $salt) that does hashing and returns the hashed string using Blowfish, MD5, or DES algorithm.

The password_hash() function creates a strong password using one way hash function. One way hash function validates the hashed output only if the result is matched with the value returned after passing the original value to the algorithm. The function syntax is password(string, algorithm, options) where the string is the required string that needs to be encrypted, algorithm it is using, and options is the associative array that contains options.

A trigger is a set of SQL statements that are automatically invoked in response to any insertion, update, or deletion that occurs in the database tables. For example, when a database table is inserted, updated, or deleted 1000 times, then 1000 times the trigger program will be invoked.

Repairing a table in MySQL is done with REPAIR command. 

  • REPAIR TABLE <table_name> QUICK -¬†Repair of the index tree only.
  • REPAIR TABLE <table_name> EXTENDED -¬†create the index row-by-row.

The nl2br() function is used to insert line breaks in a strong when needed. For example, nl2br("Welcome to UltraGenius") will give you the output - Welcome to UltraGenius.


Following are the key linux command that every freelance LAMP developer must use.

  • cd
  • ls
  • mv
  • rm
  • cp
  • rmdir
  • mkdir
  • chown
  • chmod
  • locate
  • updatedb
  • tar
  • cat
  • locate
  • less
  • grep
  • reboot
  • passwd
  • du
  • hal

SQL injection can be prevented by the following ways - 

  • Using stored procedure -¬†Stored procedure helps in preventing the SQL injection, because input arguments are treated as true value of the text rather than command. Stored procedure are SQL commands that are saved in the database in order to reuse them multiple times.
  • Using Prepared Statements -¬†Prepared Statements prevent changing the commands during the SQL injection attacks. Prepared Statements are the pre-compiled instructions that are stored in a program and can be used over multiple times. Prepared Statements have binded parameters which are considered as plain values.
  • Using Object Relational Mapping (ORM) -¬†¬†ORM is a¬† programming model in which the database is converted into an object that represents the database structure. ORM makes the developers easily communicate with the database using the UPDATE, INSERT, SEARCH, and DELETE.
  • Input Validation - Input Validation is extremely necessary before submission by the server. The inputs which are doubtful are filtered before only.¬†
  • Least Validation -¬†The developer must use only the least number of privileges to potentially reduce the SQL injection attacks. You can grant the privileges as per your need.
  • Character Escaping -¬†Character escaping allows pa programmer to treat some special characters like "/_" as an SQL injection attack. It tells programmers that these characters should be treated as a string instead of a command.
  • Using sqlmap -¬†Scanning the SQL injections manually includes lots of work. To use¬†sqlmap¬†is an effective and efficient option when searching SQL injection attacks in thousands of lines of code. Run the sqlmap in the command line and pass the targeted URL which generates the result that is inserted into a log file where the possible points of attacks can be analyzed. The development team then takes the mandatory actions , for example, code patching or code refactoring.
  • Using firewall for web application -¬†A Web Application Firewall is used to protect your website by filtering the SQL injection patterns in an HTTP requests. The most common known WAFs are -¬†
  • NGINX WAF -¬†NGINX WAF is an audit logging UI ModSecurity tool which is used by the system adminstrators to monitor system.

Apache runs as nobody or apache by default. It shows ps aux  |  egrep ' (apache|httpd)'

All the Apache configuration files are located in /etc/httpd/conf directory. 

The Apache HTTP server is responsible for serving HTTP requests and supplies only the static content like HTML text, audio, images, and videos in response while Tomcat is a servlet container that provides the dynamic content in response to Java servlet requests.

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UltraGenius is one of the leading platforms for hiring remote talent and connecting freelance and part-time developers with Silicon Valley businesses. We focus on finding the best talents who will perform extremely well and will be easily integrated into your teams. We filter out only the top 1% most skilled freelance developers among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. Candidates have to prove their self-reported experience by giving UltraGenius’ s skill tests.

UltraGenius first tests the developer’s skill set by conducting a two and half hour hiring test. Our hiring test judges a candidate on all aspects like aptitude, case study analysis, verbal and reasoning, coding questions based on data structures and algorithms, software engineering, system design, and more. Then, there is another round for the candidates who are selected from this round called “Higher-level Assessment Skill Test‚ÄĚ, which is a video round that deeply analyzes freelance developers‚Äô major skills and asks questions about the projects they have worked upon.

Fill up the form which is on every hiring freelancers’ page and we will inform you once we select the top 1% freelance LAMP developers matching your job requirements.  After analyzing the candidates based on their resumes and two assessment tests, we provide you the feedback quickly. And if the freelancers selected by our team are fit for your job role, then we also provide the onboarding.

UltraGenius offers you only the most skilled freelance developers who are top 1% among the 20K+ freelance developers who have applied on our platform. After a rigorous selection and testing process, we sort out only the top candidates for you. You can check out UltraGenius’ s selection process for hiring freelance LAMP developers on¬†https://www.ultragenius.club/hire-lamp-freelancer/.

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