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Hire Top 1% Remote MEAN Developers in 24 hrs with UltraGenius

As per research, your website has 10 seconds to impress your visitors. Isn’t it challenging? Not much if you follow organized processes to create the web application that helps you stand out from the crowd. Amongst many famous companies, you can also hire mean stack developers who specialize in building custom web products using MEAN Stack. 

As a result, you can leverage the potency of this open-source technology, i.e., MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, for your business products. Moreover, ultraGenius will aid you in finding the best expert who is a part of the top 1% of developers in India.

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MEAN developer

Rishabh is a software engineer having 7+ years of experience in designing Single Page Applications and mobile applications using MEAN stack. He is an expertise in Angular.

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MEAN developer

Mahesh is a software engineer having 3+ years of experience in developing dynamic single page web applications and mobile apps using MEAN stack.

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10 Years


Full Time


Part-time MEAN developers

John is a software engineer having 10+ years of experience developing websites and applications using MongoDB, Express, Node, and Angular.js as the front-end library framework.

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Full Time

Hire Mean Stack Developer in India From ultraGenius: Someone You Can Rely On

UltraGenius is a fast-growing network of developers who are rigorously pre-scanned and chosen only when they have what it takes to provide the best services to you. Our remote professionals are well-equipped to meet your requirements in your time zone. 

And if our pre-screened MEAN stack developers don’t match your needs, we’ll offer a free replacement without impacting your project timeline. You can trust us as we take your stress of hiring professionals away and provide you with top talent.

What UltraGenius offers?

Fast Hiring

ultraGenius ensures that top quality developers with the most talent are hired in less than 72 hours.

Intelligent Matching

The matches are specifically curated as per your needs. We dim fit 3 skills - Tech, Culture, and Context Fit.

Rigorous Vetting

ultraGenius conducts tests and ensures that only the most suitable developer with the best skills is hired.

Hire MEAN Stack Developers through UltraGenius in 4 easy steps

Our Happy Clients

UltraGenius is the best remote talent network to meet with brilliant developers who are most talented and skilled in the technical field. UltraGenius provides the most fit developers who not only match our job requirements but also our company's culture and working environment.
Once you are part of UltraGenius, you don't have to look for another platform which can find the top skilled developers with same effort as UltraGenius. UltraGenius's vetting tests and assessments are unmatchable and provides the perfect match for the job role.
Our company is thankful to UltraGenius wholeheartedly. UltraGenius's pace of finding the top 1% developers is unmatchable. Not only UltraGenius developers are the ones who match our job requirements but also the best fit to our company's working culture .
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Want to hire MEAN developers on your own? Here are the skills you must look for while hiring a MEAN developer

In today’s fast-paced hustling world, your business must have an online presence that helps communicate with your customers 24*7 and from anywhere. To make this possible, an experienced full-time or freelance mean stack developer will create robust and attractive web applications to engage and impress your users or visitors. 

MEAN Stack technology is highly-effective for your business because our developers can develop responsive and interactive web applications to improve your user experience across different devices. Therefore, you’ll have the power to reach global customers, resulting in influential brand awareness, customer loyalty, and impressive revenue. From developing an E-commerce to building a social networking site, our MEAN stack developers can bring your digital vision to life.

Boost Your Business: Hire Mean Stack Developers

As per research, in 2023, the number of online buyers is 2.64 billion, which means that the Internet has become a go-to place for consumers to shop for products and services. Therefore, today, having a well-functional and unique website is not a luxury but also a necessity. This is where you can leverage the skills of our part-time, full-time, or freelance mean stack developer. Our top talent will boost your business’s online presence through the custom development of web applications that offer impressive benefits.

1. Tailor-Made Web Apps: The Joy of Customization

Our MEAN stack developers have the necessary skills to create custom web applications tailored to your needs. Our experts will work closely with your team to understand your objectives, target audience, features, and functionalities of your web application– ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in your market. Besides, through custom development, you can tell your story and impress your users, thus, increasing user engagement. 

Our developers execute your vision by keeping in mind the needs and behaviors of your target audience so that your business effectively communicates the solution to their problem.

2. Experience Growth Without Limits: Enjoy Relevant Traffic

If you expect to handle a large amount of traffic, you must consider evaluating various techniques for scaling your web application. If you hire mean stack developers from ultraGenius, they will develop web applications that are highly scalable and can manage significant traffic without slowing down or crashing. So, if you depend on your online sales and leads, you must have a robust, scalable platform that adapts to changing environments. For example, if your business expands, our developers scale your website to meet the essential demands, curbing potential limitations.

3. Mean stack development for websites that load in the blink of an eye

If you keep your visitors waiting for your website to load, they’ll run away to your competitor. Would you want that? Hopefully, no! Therefore, you need to ensure that the speed and performance of your website is top-notch. It’ll be best for you to collaborate with MEAN stack developers with the necessary skills to optimize your website, promoting improved load speed, reduced waiting time, impressive performance, and low bounce rate. 

Besides, if you want to rank on Google, you need to take speed seriously, as the algorithm filters out the websites that don’t provide a seamless user experience. Our developers may use techniques like leveraging caching mechanisms and CDNs, decreasing the page size, compressing media, and minimizing HTTPS requests to reduce server load and increase speed.

4. Enjoy Web-applications that work everywhere

In today’s modern era, customers or online users prefer web applications that provide a seamless experience on every device, from desktops and laptops to phones and tablets. Our part-time, full-time, or freelance mean stack developer is skilled at building web applications that adjust to various screens, resolutions, and sizes. 

Besides, this compatibility is also critical for SEO because Google considers this as its ranking factor. Overall, you will reach a wider audience and provide them convenience when they access your website.

MEAN Stack: Advancing Industries with Premium Web Applications

The technology, MEAN stack – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, has changed the world of web development by providing a full-stack solution. With MEAN Stack, our developers secret scalable and dynamic web applications to help various industries leverage benefits. So, if you hire a mean stack developer in India from ultraGenius, you can create innovative products, regardless of your industry. 

1. The Power of Real-Time Analytics and Personalized Recommendations in E-Commerce

MEAN stack developers can create powerful e-commerce platforms with various features to provide customers with a seamless online buying experience. Our mean stack developers combine the features of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js to create flexible and dynamic product catalogs, user-friendly shopping carts, and robust payment processing systems.

Besides, by integrating real-time analytics, MEAN stack technologies enable organizations to track critical data like customer behavior, sales trends, and inventory levels. Our developers use this information to improve your e-commerce platform and increase consumer satisfaction. You can use MEAN stack technology to give customers customized product recommendations based on their browsing and purchasing history, further enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales.

2. Healthtech Made Easy: MEAN Stack for Healthcare Applications

MEAN stack technology suits healthcare apps because it gives a full-stack development atmosphere for inventing cutting-edge, dynamic online applications. Our developers utilize MEAN Stack to make healthcare applications with distinct characteristics, like those that allow patients to manage their health records, schedule appointments, and securely communicate with healthcare providers. 

Additionally, you can integrate MEAN stack technology with wearable gadgets like fitness trackers and smartwatches to monitor patients’ vital signs and transmit real-time data to medical specialists. Using this data, you can offer predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes. Thus, our developers can use the robustness of the MEAN stack to produce secure applications that adhere to HIPAA regulations and protect patient data.

3. Building a Collaborative Learning Environment with MEAN Stack Technology

The education industry has deployed MEAN stack technology to provide students with a cutting-edge and customized learning experience. Our MEAN stack developers will help design online learning platforms with interactive content, exam processes, and progress monitoring features. 

Moreover, you can enable students to communicate with one another and their lecturers by leveraging MEAN stack technologies to create real-time collaboration solutions. You can employ features like peer evaluations, group discussions, and real-time communications. Further, you can use MEAN stack technologies to tailor the learning experience by providing personalized recommendations based on the student’s learning preferences and past behavior. 

4. Fast, Secure, and Efficient: MEAN Stack in the World of Finance

If you hire mean stack developers, they may greatly aid the financial sector by producing sophisticated financial applications that provide secure transactions, real-time data processing, and fraud detection capabilities. You can enable the integration of third-party services, such as banking APIs and stock market data providers, using MEAN stack technology, which can improve the functionality of financial apps. 

For instance, connecting banking APIs can enable real-time financial transfers, automatic bill payments, and account balance tracking. Further,  investors can obtain real-time market data and insights by integrating stock market data vendors. Overall our MEAN stack developers will help you benefit from the strength of AngularJS and Node.js to construct high-performance, flexible, and secure financial apps suited to the finance industry’s unique requirements.

MEAN Stack Development Made Easy with ultraGenius Talent

Are you looking to develop high-performing web applications? If yes, it’ll be a smart move to hire a mean stack developer in India from ultraGenius. Our Mean Stack developers have extensive knowledge of advanced technologies and full-stack development. Moreover, we prioritize you so that your investment in us provides fruitful results. We have a fast-turnaround time, ensuring that your business needs ate fulfilled on the go. Here’s how ultraGenius is the suitable partner for you: 

1. Proficiency in MEAN Stack technology

Our MEAN Stack professionals are incredibly acquainted and experienced in the most contemporary MEAN Stack technologies, like MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. They can build scalable, highly successful web apps customized to your unique requirements if they fully understand these technologies and how they interact. 

Because of their expertise, they can provide their clients with high-quality web solutions that significantly improve user experience by utilizing MEAN Stack technology. Whether building a web application from scratch or modifying an existing one, ultraGenius MEAN Stack developers are ready to deliver exceptional results.

2. Full-stack development experience

Our MEAN Stack specialists have in-depth knowledge of full-stack development and are adept at front-end and back-end coding. They can provide you with efficient and user-friendly web apps. From designing user interfaces to integrating the application with the database, our MEAN Stack engineers can easily handle every aspect of web application development.

3. Agile development methodology

The agile development methodology is a flexible, team-based approach to software development that emphasizes incremental and iteratively creating useable software. MEAN Stack developers at ultraGenius use this process to work closely with you to comprehend your objectives and ultimately offer solutions. The strategy helps our team respond quickly to changing requirements and deliver high-quality software in a compressed time. It includes regular feedback, flexibility, and ongoing improvement.

4. Quality assurance and testing

The MEAN Stack developers at ultraGenius use rigorous quality control and testing methods to confirm that the apps we create are reliable, performing, and secure. Our process includes code reviews, automated and manual testing, and continuous integration. So, by assisting in the early diagnosis and adjustment of problems, this strategy decreases the likelihood of delays and extra costs. When we focus on testing and quality control, we can deliver the highest caliber product to meet or exceed your expectations.

5. Cost-effective development

Cost-effective development is a development strategy that maximizes the value of every dollar spent on development. If you hire ultraGenius MEAN Stack developers, your business will significantly save money because we will find the perfect developer for you who provides premium solutions. 

Customers can choose the most economical option from our various engagement models, like hourly rates, project-based pricing, and dedicated teams, based on your budget and development needs. You may get premium development services from ultraGenius at a reasonable cost, which can help you stay within your budgetary restrictions while achieving your growth goals.

What Makes a MEAN Stack Developer Stand Out: Essential Skills and Qualifications.

Apart from being proficient in MEAN Stack Development and having full-stack experience, if you hire a part-time, full-time, or freelance mean stack developer, you need to assess their skills thoroughly to ensure that they fit your expectations and required skillsets. Here are a few things to check before you collaborate with a developer:

1. Mastery of web development’s finest techniques

MEAN Stack developers must have in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques that can create authentic and robust web applications for you. You need to check their portfolio and examine if they have made secure, efficient, and engaging web applications and if their skillset benefits you. Moreover, you can determine if they understand the importance of writing code that is clean, manageable, and reusable code. 

2. Impressive problem-solving skills

Our top MEAN Stack developer uses strong problem-solving skills to handle challenges throughout development. Additionally, they can identify potential issues before they arise and implement preventative measures, ultimately saving time and effort. So, our developers are valuable assets for your development team and will help your project’s success.

3. Background with version control systems

Experience with version control technologies like Git is necessary for MEAN Stack engineers to manage and track changes to code while collaborating with other developers. Our developers can work on many versions of the code simultaneously, which also helps to avoid disputes and seamlessly combine changes.

4. Good communication skills

If you hire mean stack developers who use the MEAN Stack, they must have strong communication skills to collaborate with clients and other developers. Therefore, our top developers have the power to recognize customer goals and expectations, communicate progress seamlessly, and give technical details clearly and simply.

5. Relevant education and certifications

Our MEAN Stack developer has the skills and expertise to build excellent web apps utilizing MEAN Stack technologies, as evidenced by the appropriate training and certifications. You will be more confident in a developer’s abilities when they have a computer science degree or a closely connected field and certifications in MEAN Stack technologies.

Choosing the Right Engagement Model: Freelance, Part-Time, or Full-Time

When you’ve decided to hire a mean stack developer in India from ultraGenius, you have three options for your project. Choosing a model depends on your needs, budget, and experience required. Each model has its benefits for your business. Therefore, whatever you choose, we’ll be there for you. 

Freelance MEAN Stack Developers

If you hire a freelance MEAN Stack developer, it may be advantageous for companies and organizations that have small or short-term initiatives. You can collaborate with freelancers if you are comfortable with independent contractors who take on work as they arise. They work remotely and provide a lot of flexibility, suitable for customers on a low budget.

  • Cost-effective: Freelancers usually charge less than full-time experts, making them an attractive solution for modest assignments.
  • Flexibility: Because they can operate on a project-by-project basis and be hired as needed, freelancers are a flexible option for customers with variable workloads.
  • Expertise in a particular area of MEAN Stack development: Freelancers typically have this knowledge, which can be helpful for clients with specialized requirements.


Part-time MEAN Stack Developers

Hiring a part-time MEAN Stack developer is a smart move for companies and organizations working on ongoing projects that require a consistent volume of development labor. 

  • Cost-effective: Hiring a part-time developer is an intelligent choice for ongoing projects because they are less expensive than full-time developers.
  • Flexibility: Because part-time developers can choose their hours, you can allocate development projects as needed.
  • Consistent support: Part-time developers can provide constant assistance throughout the project, ensuring that development work proceeds without hiccups.

Full-time MEAN Stack Developers

Hiring a full-time MEAN Stack developer is a wise solution for companies and organizations with significant or ongoing projects that demand a dedicated development team. Our full-time developers can deliver premium, constant support, and experience throughout the project.

  • Consistent support: Our full-time developers provide constant support throughout the project to ensure that development work is proceeding without any hiccups.
  • Deep project understanding: Our full-time developers comprehensively understand the project’s requirements, which promotes effective teamwork and communication.
  • Accountability: Our full-time developers guarantee that the project is delivered on time, at an exceptional standard, and that your expectations are met.


Boost Your Web Application’s Capabilities with a MEAN Stack Developer from ultraGenius

When you hire mean stack developers with ultraGenius, they will strengthen your online applications. MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js are just a few of the technologies our top 1% of developers are proficient in employing to create highly dependable and scalable online solutions that suit your business needs.

Additionally, businesses and organizations can easily access high-quality MEAN Stack development services because of their flexible engagement models and cost-effective solutions. If you need a freelance, part-time, or full-time MEAN Stack developer, UltraGenius is your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions To MEAN Stack Developers

Q1. What is the operation of the MEAN Stack? What is it?

The famous web development methodology MEAN Stack has four components: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. We use Node.js for the online application framework. Whereas, Express.js and MongoDB are NoSQL database that utilizes documents resembling JSON to store data. Moreover, AngularJS is a client-side framework that provides tools for building dynamic web apps; and Node.js is a server-side framework JavaScript runtime environment.

Q2. Explain the function of Node.js in MEAN Stack development.

Node.js is an essential component of MEAN Stack development which aids in creating robust and functional web applications. This component uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model as a server-side run-time environment. As a developer, Node.js enables me to handle various requests simultaneously to make your web application responsive. Moreover, this component blends well with others, making it easier to develop end-to-end applications. 

Q3. How do you safeguard a MongoDB database?

Keeping the MongoDB database safe is critical to safeguard the user’s data. I follow the following practices to ensure its safety:

  • Access restriction: I can establish an authentication on your web application’s database so that only authorized users access it.
  • Strong passwords: I can enforce strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your web app.
  • Permission Limiting: I can decrease users’ permissions to prevent unwanted entries.


Q4. What is Angular Material?

We refer to Angular Material as a UI component library for Angular web applications. It gives access to pre-built UI components and design patterns. It’s created on Google’s Material Design which helps us to develop dynamic, robust, and scalable web applications. Moreover, this component allows us to access various navigation menus, buttons, dialog boxes, and forms. We can also make our developmental process quicker while providing consistent results. 

Q5. What is the difference between MEAN Stack and Lamp Stack?

While MEAN Stack also uses NoSQL databases like MongoDB, LAMP Stack only uses traditional relational databases like MySQL. As a result, we find it more flexible to manage unstructured data and scale up more effectively. The MEAN Stack also consists of AngularJS, a front-end framework not part of the LAMP Stack. AngularJS enables the development of sophisticated user interfaces for complex single-page apps. Web development is designed to be more flexible and contemporary compared to the more modern MEAN Stack than the more established LAMP Stack.

Q6. What is an example of the MEAN Stack Development Code?

// Require necessary modules

const express = require(‘express’);

const bodyParser = require(‘body-parser’);

const mongoose = require(‘mongoose’);

const cors = require(‘cors’);

// Connect to MongoDB database

mongoose.connect(‘mongodb://localhost/mydatabase’, { useNewUrlParser: true });

// Create an instance of express

const app = express();

// Configure middleware


app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: false }));


// Define routes

app.get(‘/’, (req, res) => {

  res.send(‘Hello, world!’);


// Start the server

const port = 3000;

app.listen(port, () => {

  console.log(`Server started on port ${port}`);



This code relates to a MongoDB database and configures a simple web server with the help of Express and Mongoose. Further, it defines a single route for the root URL that just returns “Hello, world!” Additionally, it utilizes the Cors and body-parser middleware to control cross-origin requests and parse request bodies separately. Even though this is just a straightforward example, it nonetheless highlights some of the essential components of a MEAN Stack application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

UltraGenius is one of the leading platforms for hiring remote talent and connecting developer and part-time developers with Silicon Valley businesses. We focus on finding the best talents who will perform extremely well and will be easily integrated into your teams. We filter out only the top 1% most skilled developers among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. Candidates have to prove their self-reported experience by giving UltraGenius’ s skill tests.

UltraGenius first tests the developer’s skill set by conducting a two and half hour hiring test. Our hiring test judges a candidate on all aspects like aptitude, case study analysis, verbal and reasoning, coding questions based on data structures and algorithms, software engineering, system design, and more. Then, there is another round for the candidates who are selected from this round called “Higher-level Assessment Skill Test”, which is a video round that deeply analyzes developers’ major skills and asks questions about the projects they have worked upon.

Fill up the form which is on every hiring developer’s page and we will inform you once we select the top 1% MEAN developers matching your job requirements.  After analyzing the candidates based on their resumes and two assessment tests, we provide you the feedback quickly. And if the developers selected by our team are fit for your job role, then we also provide the onboarding.

UltraGenius offers you only the most skilled developers who are top 1% among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. After a rigorous selection and testing process, we sort out only the top candidates for you. You can check out UltraGenius’ s selection process for hiring MEAN developers on

UltraGenius provides you the best facility to hire developers in more than 50 skills like React, Angular, Javascript, Node, Java, Python, Magento, Ruby On Rails, Golang, PHP, WordPress, .NET, Android, iOS, DevOps, Machine Learning, and many more.