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AWS Developer Job Description Template

AWS Developer Job Description 

The cloud-based architecture needed to execute web applications in AWS’s cloud is designed, maintained, and managed by an AWS developer. Beyond Amazon, many businesses, including consultancies such as Deloitte, providers of software solutions, and production studios that need in-house staff for their operations, hire AWS developers. A career in AWS offers various work options regardless of your hobbies because it is used by such a wide range of businesses (from hospitality to entertainment and advertising).

Despite this, the job necessitates a wide range of specialized abilities, among which are peculiar to the Aws infrastructure. Along with other practical abilities, you’ll need to be familiar with coding languages like Python, C#, and Java.

Job Description 

An AWS developer possesses expertise in writing code for virtualized apps and designing, implementing, and troubleshooting cloud-based software including AWS. A developer is able to use the Amazon web services APIs, Amazon web services CLI, and Development tools to create apps and recognize the key characteristics of AWS services.

 The associate also exhibits knowledge and comprehension of core AWS services, uses, and fundamental AWS architecture best practices.

We are among the top IT firms in the business and are looking to hire a skilled AWS cloud developer to work with us on big projects. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of cutting-edge techniques, frameworks, and services and familiarity with cloud-based computing. The secret to staying current with the latest standards is extensive acquaintance with cloud maintenance, strong industry insight, and expertise in staff management.

AWS Developer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recognize the infrastructure of the current application and propose fresh ideas to boost performance.
  • Keep a record of the techniques and best practices used for infrastructure support and application deployment.
  • Create scalable, reusable, and cost-effective applications as well as migration plans.
  • Build serverless applications using various AWS services, such as Lambda, RDS, and API.
  • The IT staff and other teams should collaborate to move web-based applications to AWS.
  • Capable of working under pressure when necessary.

AWS Developer Required Skills

  • Along with the details specified in this job description, experience with the basic AWS services is required.
  • Good administrative background in Linux/Unix.
  • Having knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes. A plus is a prior experience with ECS or EKS.
  • Knowledge of at least one of the languages in our stack:
  • Strong beliefs in excellent practices for security (e.g. using KMS, IAM Roles, etc.).
  • Working knowledge of monitoring tools like Prometheus, CloudWatch, and the ELK stack.
  • Prior knowledge of designing large-scale systems.
  • Capacity for distributed system troubleshooting.
  • Proficiency in writing Infrastructure As Code (IaC) with Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • The ability to create or sustain cloud-native applications.
  • A plus is prior expertise utilizing AWS Lambda for serverless techniques. 
  • Expertise in the Serverless Application Model (SAM), for instance (AWS SAM).

AWS Developer Prefered Skills

  • Proactive, cooperative, and able to find solutions.
  • Prior expertise in managing the design of large-scale systems.
  • Understanding of web services like REST, API, and RPC.
  • Any further professional certificates, including AWS certifications.