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Handpicking best profiles

Profiles that make you go ‘that’s the one’, before we test if they really really are. We get it right from the word go with a meticulous review process, picking the best developers for you.

Testing culture fitness

That’s a thing. It means we test your developer on the basis of communication skills, thought process and the right approach towards people and problem-solving. Bringing you candidates with the right aptitude and attitude towards work.

Live code crunching

Getting down to business, we conduct a live coding assessment on our in-house platform and test them on algorithms, data structures stack-related concepts. The final developers are picked by our engineers and subject matter experts, not relying on automated selection.

Certify match!

After screening and testing the devs based on their skills, experience of working with high scale projects, and the right cultural fit, your genius is certified and ready.


The method
behind our star_img magic

A process so seamless, that it feels like sorcery. Here’s how we understand and deliver on your needs.


Let’s talk!

First things first, tell us what you need -
your core skill requirements


We’ve got you… a list

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your requirements, carefully picked by us


Meet and find your genius!

Pick your maverick through interviews
scheduled and arranged by us

In UltraGenius we trust

What makes us stand out and makes leading companies sit up take notice

Fast Fastidious

Expect awe inspiring accuracy at jaw dropping ease and speed Expect awe

Quality You Can Trust

Benchmarked process that brings win-wins to all stakeholders

Choice Meets Excellence

Not just great developers but a vast talent pool of doers winners

High Value Savings

We save you the trouble, time and money it takes to get the right resource

Addressing ‘What Ifs’

You only pay for the right developer. If it doesn’t workout, we help you match with another, without additional cost.

Solutions At Your Scale

Be it a startup, a mid-sized or a big organization, we find the right dev that fits your requirement

In UltraGenius we trust

What makes us stand out and makes leading companies sit up take notice

Fast Fastidious

Expect awe inspiring accuracy at jaw dropping ease and speed Expect awe

Quality You Can Trust

Benchmarked process that brings win-wins to all stakeholders

Choice Meets Excellence

Not just great developers but a vast talent pool of doers winners

High Value Savings

We save you the trouble, time and money it takes to get the right resource

Addressing ‘What Ifs’

You only pay for the right developer. If it doesn’t workout, we help you match with another, without additional cost.

Solutions At Your Scale

Be it a startup, a mid-sized or a big organization, we find the right dev that fits your requirement

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What is it like to work with our developers? Hear it from our clients

Nitin Sharma


“Highly recommend their hiring service! Special thanks to Dhiraj for securing me a remote job. He answered all my questions before joining and assured ongoing support. Grateful for the excellent assistance!

Nitin Jain

Co-founder, AssertAI

We have been using UltraGenius for our hiring around tech since last 6 months now. They are a superb team. Hiring in AI tech is not easy as there are not many good candidates available and demand is ever increasing but UltraGenius has been able to line up good interviews and we have closed so many positions through them. Definitely recommend for your hiring needs. They really know their stuff well...

Saksham Khurana

Backend Engineer, Noumena

Ultragenius is of a kind recruiters who actually take pains for their customers & vendors. My whole process with them was so smooth, they helped me a lot whole time by being in constant touch. Both the Talent Acquisition Specialist - Neha Khadke & the Co-Founder - Nirav Nimish Shah are very professional courteous people I ever get to know in the industry. I wish them all the best in their future & thanks a lot to all the team behind UltraGenius :)

Mitul Gajera

Lead Product Designer, Truflation

Shailesh is excellent person to work with if your startup or organisation is finding talent for your web3 product and he is also helping developers and builders in web3 to find great team to work remotely. so he is creating win-win situation for both.

Vivek Tripathi

Lead Engineer, PowerSchool

I was interviewed and onboarded to my company via ultra genius. Very smooth and transparent process. I never had to ask them for anything. They were always there right through out the process.

Jake Gould

Senior Talent Growth Specialist, Paradigm

UltraGenius have been nothing but a fantastic resource during our build-out. They've had an incredibly high hit rate with candidates and really understand what we need as a client. We highly recommend them as a recruitment service provider.

Niharika Kumari


Very helpful team. A special thanks to Dhiraj for getting me a remote job in my preferred tech stack within a month.

Mahesh Inder Singh

Fullstack developer

“Ultragenius transformed my freelancing journey in three years, kickstarting my career and turning goals into reality. Invaluable support and guidance—grateful for the experience!

Debanjan Majumdar

Senior FullStack Developer, Groov

The on-board process was great and smooth. Everyone was awesome and very well spoken.

Bhadja Rahul

Software Developer, ElephantThink

It was a great experience. The ultraGenius team was very helpful throughout the process.

No heartbreaks here :
The UltraGenius assurance

It’s not you, it’s on us. As per our escrow policy, we only release the developer’s payment if you’re satisfied with their work. Rest assured to be matched with another if your developer doesn’t work out within 24 hours.


If you wish to enhance the capabilities of your team projects and get the desired results, you can have a helping hand. If you hire a dedicated MLOps Engineer, they can help you explore new efficiencies and innovations in your projects. By bridging the gap between operational stability and machine learning, an MLOps Engineer makes sure that your ML models are creative and dependable when incorporated into your business operations. To make sure that your machine learning initiatives balance efficiency, speed, and accuracy, you need someone capable enough in this role. As a result, you'll get more dependable, adaptable, and efficient solutions that can grow with your business.

What are the Essential Skills to Look for While Hiring a MLOps Developer?

When you wish to hire the best remote MLOps developer, it's crucial to identify candidates with a specific set of skills that align with your project's needs. Here's a breakdown of the key expertise areas:

  1. Machine Learning and Data Science
  2. Your ideal candidate should have a robust understanding of machine learning algorithms and data science principles. This knowledge is vital for developing models that are accurate, efficient, and scalable. Moreover, you should check if they are experienced in handling large datasets, extracting meaningful insights, and applying these to real-world problems.

  3. DevOps Practices and Tools
  4. You must check their familiarity with DevOps, which is essential for streamlining the development process. So, you should look for experience in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, which are critical for automating the testing and deployment of machine learning models. Further, they should have a knowledge of tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes is a plus, as these facilitate efficient model deployment and management.

  5. Programming Skills, Particularly in Python
  6. Python is the lingua franca of machine learning and data science. Your MLOps Developer should have strong programming skills in Python, enabling them to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code. This skill is crucial for implementing algorithms and working with data processing libraries.

  7. Knowledge of Cloud Services and Containerization Technologies
  8. Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud offer tools and services that are indispensable for modern machine learning workflows. Your potential candidate should have familiarity with these platforms as it ensures that your MLOps Developer can leverage cloud resources effectively. Additionally, containerization technologies like Docker help in creating consistent and isolated environments, making model deployment more reliable.

  9. Understanding of Data Engineering and ETL Processes
  10. A solid grasp of data engineering principles is necessary for managing and processing data. This includes expertise in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, which are crucial for preparing data for analysis and model training. Your MLOps Developer should be capable of designing and managing data pipelines, ensuring data quality and accessibility.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a MLOps Developer?

As a manager or business owner, if you hire top MLOps developer, you should understand the multifaceted role of an MLOps Developer as it is crucial in leveraging their skills for your organization's success. Here's a deeper look into their key responsibilities:

  1. Designing and Implementing Machine Learning Models
  2. When you hire MLOPS developers, they are not just the coders; they are creators of sophisticated machine learning models. They take your business's raw data and transform it into actionable insights. Further, you must check if they can help you select the right algorithms and design models that align with your specific business objectives.

  3. Ensuring Smooth Model Deployment and Scalability
  4. Once a model is developed, the real challenge begins. Your MLOps Developer plays a pivotal role in deploying these models into production environments. They ensure that the transition is seamless and the models are scalable. This means as your business grows, your machine learning capabilities can expand without any hitches.

  5. Monitoring and Maintaining Model Performance
  6. The job of a MLOps Developer doesn't end with deployment. If you hire MLOps Engineer, they continuously monitor the models to ensure optimal performance. Therefore, to ensure that the models stay accurate and effective over time, this entails adjusting and improving them depending on data and feedback from the real world.

  7. Collaborating with Data Scientists and Engineers
  8. A MLOps Developer acts as a bridge between data scientists and engineers. They guarantee that machine learning models are seamlessly integrated with the current IT architecture. They must always work together to make sure that the data science and engineering components are working together to produce the best results.

How to Hire a Dedicated MLOps Developer?

When you're on the quest to hire the best MLOps specialist and already have the MLOps developer job description in hand, the process can be streamlined by focusing on three key aspects:

  1. Defining Your Project Requirements Clearly
  2. As a manager or business owner, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of what you need. This involves identifying the specific skills and expertise that the MLOps role will require in your project. Are you looking for someone with extensive experience in data engineering, or is a strong background in cloud technologies more critical? By delineating these requirements, you can target your search more effectively and ensure that candidates align with your project's objectives.

  3. Looking for Candidates with a Proven Track Record
  4. Experience is a significant indicator of a candidate's capability. You can find MLOps developers who have demonstrated success in similar roles. Review their portfolio or case studies to understand the scope and impact of their previous work. This insight can give you confidence in their ability to handle the challenges and complexities of your project.

  5. Assessing Technical and Soft Skills Through Interviews and Tests
  6. While technical prowess is essential, soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork are equally important. During the interview process, incorporate scenarios or problem-solving exercises relevant to your project. This approach not only assesses their technical expertise but also gives you a glimpse into how they approach challenges, work in a team, and communicate solutions. Remember, a candidate who aligns well with your team's culture and values can significantly contribute to the success of your project.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a MLOps Developer from India?

When you hire a remote MLOps developer from India, understanding the cost implications based on different engagement models is crucial for your decision-making. For a freelance MLOPS Developer, expect to invest between $20 and $50 per hour. This option is ideal if you need flexibility and have specific, short-term tasks. If you're looking for a more consistent engagement, a Part-time MLOps Developer could cost you between $1,000 and $2,500 per month, offering a balance between flexibility and ongoing support. For businesses requiring full-time commitment, you can hire a full time mlops developer’s expertise will cost between $3,000 and $7,000 per month. This investment ensures dedicated support for your projects, bringing in-depth expertise and continuity to your team's machine learning initiatives.

Why Hire an MLOps Developer from UltraGenius?

One of the unique features of our platform is the pool of well-screened and experienced specialists. This ensures that each MLOps Developer you engage from us is an elite specialist in their industry. Our flexible recruiting models are made to completely match your specific demands, whether they are for long-term partnerships or short-term initiatives because we understand that every project has different needs. Furthermore, we place a high priority on providing outstanding value without sacrificing quality. We ensure that you receive the best return on your investment with competitive pricing that is tailored to match a range of budgets. By selecting UltraGenius, you're adding a dependable, accomplished expert to your team who can help you see your projects through to completion, not simply an MLOps Developer.

What Does a MLOps Developer Do?

As a manager or business owner, you must understand the role of an MLOps Developer to cope with the cruciality in today’s tech-driven landscape. Essentially, a MLOps Developer operates at the dynamic intersection of machine learning, data science, and operations. Their primary goal is to optimize and automate the entire machine learning lifecycle. Therefore, this process begins with the initial data preparation step and proceeds through the critical phases of model construction, deployment, and ongoing monitoring. Thus, you can leverage the critical function of your potential MLOps Developer in transforming raw data into actionable insights. They will ensure that the machine learning models produced are scalable, accurate, and effective by utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms and data processing techniques. Once these models are created, the MLOps Developer meticulously works on deploying them into your production environment. This stage is vital as it translates complex data models into practical, real-world applications that can drive your business forward. But their role doesn’t end there. Post-deployment, if you hire an MLOps Engineer, they continuously monitor these models to ensure optimal performance. They are skilled in spotting potential problems and fixing them, so your machine learning systems will continue to be reliable and efficient over time. To put it simply, an MLOps Developer is paramount to making sure that the money you invest in machine learning technology pays off in the long run.

Interview Questions When You Hire MLOps Engineer

  1. How do you approach model deployment and monitoring?
  2. In deploying models, you prioritize seamless integration with existing systems. You utilize continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for efficient deployment. For monitoring, you focus on real-time performance tracking, using tools like Prometheus or Grafana, ensuring that any deviations in model performance are quickly identified and addressed.

  3. Can you describe your experience with cloud services and containerization?
  4. With cloud services, you have extensive experience in leveraging platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for scalable and efficient machine learning workflows. You are proficient in containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, which you use to create reproducible, scalable, and isolated environments for your ML models, ensuring consistency across development, testing, and production.

  5. How do you ensure data security and compliance in your workflows?
  6. You ensure data security by implementing robust encryption methods for both data at rest and in transit. You are familiar with compliance standards like GDPR and HIPAA and integrate compliance checks into your development process. Regular audits, access controls, and using secure and compliant data storage solutions are part of your strategy to maintain data integrity and confidentiality.

  7. How do you handle version control and experiment tracking in your MLOps workflow?
  8. To manage code changes and work together effectively, we can make use of version control technologies such as Git. Platforms like TensorBoard or MLflow are favorites for tracking experiments because they let me log trials, monitor model performance data, and compare various runs. Reproducibility and transparency throughout the machine learning lifecycle are guaranteed by this methodical approach.

  9. Describe your strategy for optimizing machine learning models for production.
  10. My approach is to test and tune models iteratively in order to strike a compromise between resource use and performance. To increase effectiveness, we can use strategies like feature selection, model trimming, and hyperparameter tuning. Furthermore, by utilizing frameworks that facilitate model compression and effective deployment, we can concentrate on making sure models are scalable and lightweight for production.

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How is UltraGenius different from others? down_arrow

UltraGenius Agencies Consultants
Developer Match

24 hours

1-3 months

Talent Quality

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Developer Benefits

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Pre-vetted Developers




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What is UltraGenius? down_arrow

  • UltraGenius is a platform that assists fast-growing companies globally to hire experienced developers from India.
  • Our talent is experienced and has worked with companies like Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, IBM, Razorpay several other fast-growing companies
  • Our clients are fast-growing companies based in US, UK Australia and they are backed by top investors like Accel, Sequoia, Y-Combinator, Lightspeed Ventures, and A16Z or are proudly self-funded or bootstrapped.

Who is the team behind UltraGenius? down_arrow

  • UltraGenius is founded by serial entrepreneurs - Shailesh Jain (alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science VMWare. Co-founded Mirraw - 150+ employees $20M+ in ARR) Nirav Shah (alumni of Columbia University, Computer Science UBS. Co-founded LetsAlign - worked with top-notch companies freelancers globally for 10+ years).

How is UltraGenius different from outsourcing agencies? down_arrow

  • Unlike outsourcing companies, we connect you with extremely talented individuals from the entire India that can be managed directly by you. We have thousands of vetted developers on our platform looking to work for top global opportunities. Due to lower overheads like having resources on the bench, office costs other management costs, we will be able to source much better candidates in the same price band.

How is ultraGenius different from recruitment agencies? down_arrow

  • We have an internal team of engineers who screens, vet, and match talent. Thereby giving you profiles that are extremely relevant we have an extremely high hit rate. Also, we do not charge any upfront recruitment fees. We handle all the local payroll compliance for you.

Why India? down_arrow

  • India has the largest pool of amazing software developers that are friendly, can communicate well, work in a significant time zone overlap with you can offer a significant cost advantage.
  • We work with only the best developers in India who have excellent technical skills, communication skills, experience attitude.

How do you vet developers? down_arrow

  • We have built an in-house assessment platform that we use to take live coding tests MCQ tests.
  • Our team consists of engineers who vet match talent based on their tech, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • We make them do live coding via a video call and also ask them various questions related to their stack and experience.
  • We analyze their coding speed and their ability to solve complex problems and their knowledge of data structures algorithms.
  • We check their behavioral skills to assess whether they have the right attitude of ownership and can work in a fast-paced environment.

What are typical developer rates? down_arrow

  • We encourage clients to work with us based on our quality and experience even though pricing is only one factor.
  • The typical monthly rate for experienced developers is between
    • $1800 to $2500 for 1 to 3 years of experience
    • $2500 to $6000 for 3 to 5 years of experience
    • $6000 to $9000 for 5 to 8 years of experience
  • These charges are inclusive of ultraGenius fees. ultraGenius handles local labor laws, sourcing, vetting, matching, compliance, HR, payroll, procuring benefits

What is the minimum contract duration? down_arrow

  • This model is intended for long-term relationships with a minimum of a one-year duration. However, you can terminate the contract by giving the talent one month's notice if at any point your expectations are not reached.

What will be the working hours of the developers? down_arrow

  • Developers work 8 hours/day on a full-time basis from Monday to Friday with 20 paid leaves/year.

What are the payment terms? down_arrow

  • You pay us only when you hire a developer from our platform.
  • To safeguard both client developer interest we offer an escrow service
  • Clients pay us monthly on an advance basis.
  • We will raise an invoice on the 25th of every month for the work period of the following month.
  • We hold that amount in escrow and release it to the developer after his work for that month is completed.
  • If there is any dispute, we request you to reachout to us within 24 hours so we can take necessary actions to facilitate the dispute resolution.

What mode of payment do you accept? down_arrow

  • We accept payments via Bank transfer in fiat currency based on your country. We accept payments in US Dollars, AU Dollars, and GBP.

Are there any recruitment charges? down_arrow

  • There are no recruitment charges. Rates that we quote are inclusive of developer rates and our fees.

What if I want the developer on my payroll? down_arrow

  • In most cases, yes. If the developer also wants to work directly with you on your payroll, we can facilitate the same by a one time buy out fee that can be mutually agreed.

Is there any discount that I can avail of? down_arrow

  • We value long-term strong relationships with our clients. We offer the following discounts on our pricing:
    • 3+ hires/year: 2% discount
    • 5+ hires/year: 3% discount

Who has the legal rights to work created by developers on ultraGenius? down_arrow

  • The client has the legal right to work created by developers.

How can I protect my IP? down_arrow

  • We can facilitate the agreement between you and the developer upon request.

If I choose to terminate our collaboration, would there be any cancellation fees? down_arrow

  • Though we hate to say goodbye - there is absolutely no cancellation cost. Inform us a month in advance so we the developer can plan accordingly.

I have more questions/suggestions. Who can I reach out to? down_arrow

This is awesome! How do I start? down_arrow

  • Book a short meeting with our team here so we can understand your requirements in detail and match you with a developer that can work with you to build something truly great.

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