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Our remote team of geniuses works hard at creating win-wins for international organisations and Indian devs.


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We work remotely and fiercely. We unwind every Saturday and take in the week gone by, as a team. We are accountable, driven and always up for a challenge.

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What is it like to work with our developers? Hear it from our clients

Nitin Sharma


“Highly recommend their hiring service! Special thanks to Dhiraj for securing me a remote job. He answered all my questions before joining and assured ongoing support. Grateful for the excellent assistance!

Nitin Jain

Co-founder, AssertAI

We have been using UltraGenius for our hiring around tech since last 6 months now. They are a superb team. Hiring in AI tech is not easy as there are not many good candidates available and demand is ever increasing but UltraGenius has been able to line up good interviews and we have closed so many positions through them. Definitely recommend for your hiring needs. They really know their stuff well...

Saksham Khurana

Backend Engineer, Noumena

Ultragenius is of a kind recruiters who actually take pains for their customers & vendors. My whole process with them was so smooth, they helped me a lot whole time by being in constant touch. Both the Talent Acquisition Specialist - Neha Khadke & the Co-Founder - Nirav Nimish Shah are very professional courteous people I ever get to know in the industry. I wish them all the best in their future & thanks a lot to all the team behind UltraGenius :)

Mitul Gajera

Lead Product Designer, Truflation

Shailesh is excellent person to work with if your startup or organisation is finding talent for your web3 product and he is also helping developers and builders in web3 to find great team to work remotely. so he is creating win-win situation for both.

Vivek Tripathi

Lead Engineer, PowerSchool

I was interviewed and onboarded to my company via ultra genius. Very smooth and transparent process. I never had to ask them for anything. They were always there right through out the process.

Jake Gould

Senior Talent Growth Specialist, Paradigm

UltraGenius have been nothing but a fantastic resource during our build-out. They've had an incredibly high hit rate with candidates and really understand what we need as a client. We highly recommend them as a recruitment service provider.

Niharika Kumari


Very helpful team. A special thanks to Dhiraj for getting me a remote job in my preferred tech stack within a month.

Mahesh Inder Singh

Fullstack developer

“Ultragenius transformed my freelancing journey in three years, kickstarting my career and turning goals into reality. Invaluable support and guidance—grateful for the experience!

Debanjan Majumdar

Senior FullStack Developer, Groov

The on-board process was great and smooth. Everyone was awesome and very well spoken.

Bhadja Rahul

Software Developer, ElephantThink

It was a great experience. The ultraGenius team was very helpful throughout the process.

You asked. We answered.

What is the UltraGenius? down_arrow

    UltraGenius is a network of the best remote and the fastest platform to hire experienced developers in India that is used by clients in multinational corporations. Indian talent should choose UltraGenius for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a 100% remote working option with a possibility to work for international businesses and earn far more than the Indian standards.

What are the benefits of joining the UltraGenius? down_arrow

    Benefits of joining the UltraGenius include the chance to work remotely for a large corporation and save time and money on travel. It permits a higher level of living and the opportunity to make money while working from home. The network also provides long-term employment options with flexible hours, and our career coaches offer helpful input to help you perform better and have a bigger effect on the global market.

What are the benefits for hired developers? down_arrow

    Medical Insurance Stipend, Performance-Based Quarterly Bonuses, Paid Vacations, Stipends for Programming Certifications and Courses, and Discounts on Software Tools are a few of the perks offered.

What kind of opportunities can I apply for at UltraGenius? down_arrow

    We offer a variety of employment options in the marketing and technology sectors. You can join the Talent Network by registering, and we'll match you with the position that's right for you!

How does the overall process work? down_arrow

    An outline of the procedure is given below:

  • Fill out the UltraGenius application form to submit your talent.
  • Successfully complete any tests is necessary.
  • Your profile will be made as soon as you join the UltraGenius.
  • According to your abilities and expertise, we will pair you with relevant opportunities.
  • You'll start collaborating with the international client directly.

How can I join the UltraGenius? down_arrow

    Here [ https://app.ultragenius.club/jobs ] you can sign up to join the UltraGenius. and after passing a test, you'll join our unique network of talent, ready to be used by clients throughout the world as soon as we locate the right match for you.

Why do I need to pass assessments to be part of the Network? down_arrow

    A network of 50000+ expericed and thoroughly vetted Indian talent make up to UltraGenius. Passing these tests is a necessity to join our exclusive Network, allowing us to quickly deploy you to a client you match with. This is necessary for us to make sure that your abilities and knowledge fit the needs of our international clients.

What happens if I fail any of the assessments? down_arrow

    If you don't succeed on any of the examinations required to join us, you can study for them and reapply to join UltraGenius in two months.

Do you charge a fee for registering with UltraGenius? down_arrow

    No, there are no fees associated with registering with us.

Will I get paid for working overtime? down_arrow

    Your involvement with the customer will be full-time, entail working 8 hours per day, five days per week, and have productivity requirements similar to those of any other full-time employee. As a result, we don't pay more for work done after hours. But if we see that you routinely go over your permitted hours, we'll talk to the client to figure out how to fix it.

Will my profile be publicly visible? down_arrow

    Unless you specifically give us permission to market your profile, it will remain private and not be accessible to the general public.

Will my data remain safe? down_arrow

    We take the security and protection of your data very seriously, so please rest assured. Only businesses who are a good fit for your abilities and knowledge receive the important information you provide. We won't give a company more information about you unless you're also excited about the possibility of collaborating with them.

Where would my employers be located? down_arrow

    While the employers we deal with are spread out over the globe, the USA, UK, and Australia are home to the vast majority of them.

What will be my working hours (shift timings) considering I will be working for a global company? down_arrow

    The employer will choose the shifts you will work based on where they are. However, it is required to work 3–4 standard hours per day in addition to the company's usual business hours.

Will I be getting any shift allowance? down_arrow

    The timing of the shifts will be decided by the employer. As per the allowance rules, you will be qualified for a shift allowance.

What if I have to leave a project in between? down_arrow

    You will be obliged to serve the required notice period before terminating a project. Legal action could be taken against the talent if they fail to comply without giving the required notice.

Will I be directly co-ordinating with the company? down_arrow

    As soon as your employer onboards you, you will undoubtedly interact with the business directly.

How can I join the UltraGenius in-house team? down_arrow

    By clicking "careers" at the footer of our website, you may learn everything there is to know about joining the UltraGenius internal team. As an alternative, you can apply for the roles listed at https://app.ultragenius.club/jobs

What is the process to apply to an opportunity? down_arrow

    Three simple steps make up the application process for a job opportunity. The Technical Assessment is the initial phase. The Communication Assessment will be accessible after you have finished the Technical Assessment. If screening is required, a brief screening of 30 minutes will be scheduled. The screening is the third and last step. Overall, the application process is straightforward and made to guarantee that applicants are fairly and properly assessed.

How long after I attempt for the assessments will i get the results? down_arrow

    Depending on the exam, different assessments take different amounts of time to produce results. The turnaround time for Versant exams is typically between 24 and 48 hours. However, the duration may vary for various assessments.

How can I know about the status of my assessments and the jobs I’ve applied for? down_arrow

    There are a few ways you can monitor the progress of your applications if you have submitted them through our Talent Network Portal for jobs and exams. First, you can examine the status of your job applications by logging into the Portal and selecting the ""My Opportunity"" page. Simply click the ""evaluations"" tab in the employment opportunity you apply for to see the progress of your evaluations. You can keep track of the progress of your applications and evaluations using these techniques. Additionally, you will get updates regarding your applications via the email address you registered with. When you join our network, a specialised recruiter will be assigned to you, and they can give you updates on the status of your applications.

What is the difference between a freelance platform and UltraGenius? down_arrow

    The primary distinction between UltraGenius and other freelance or gig platforms is our emphasis on offering the best talent in India long-term, full-time remote job opportunities. We only deal with clients and multinational corporations that are looking for reliable, long-term talent solutions, in contrast to other platforms that prioritise short-term, project-based opportunities. This means that with a minimum contract term of three months, you can anticipate access to prospects that are similar to employment. Additionally, we prioritise screening our talent and clients, which distinguishes us from other freelance platforms that might not adhere to the same standard of quality control. Finally, we don't bill by the hour, which gives our talent even more security and consistency.

Can I say “no” to a company if i feel that it is unsuitable for me? down_arrow

    If your talent is a fit for any employers' needs, we will put you in touch with them. You will have the freedom to choose whether or not to collaborate with a specific client. You will have 24 hours to determine whether you want to move on or not after conducting an interview with a client.

Will the employer be providing laptops to work on? down_arrow

    Except in cases when the worldwide company has safety and privacy issues, the Talent is expected to have their own systems to work on. In those instances, the global corporation will give you a laptop.