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Cosmos Developer Job Description Template

Cosmos Developer Job Description

With the help of Cosmos, interaction across all blockchains will be made possible as the three fundamental blockchain issues of sustainability, scalability, and sovereignty are resolved.

Using the Cosmos free SDK, programmers may create cost-free sovereign blockchain applications. These blockchains may easily communicate with one another without the need for smart contracts to be present on another blockchain. This prevents excessive transaction fees brought on by network congestion and allows for the development of superior scaling capabilities.

Cosmos interoperability ensures a scaled system operates properly. Any kind of sovereign blockchain will be able to connect with one another and advance the protocol design by incorporating to Cosmos compatibility model with shared communication systems.

The PoS consensus method, which secures the network, ensures sustainability. PoS has a 99% lower carbon footprint than the PoW consensus mechanism.

Job Description 

Cosmos is a decentralized channel of asynchronous blockchains which are all driven by BFT(Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus methodologies such as Tendermint Consensus.

In other terms, Cosmos is a scalable network of interconnected blockchains. Blockchains were isolated and could not communicate before Cosmos. They had a limited transaction throughput and were difficult to build. Cosmos approaches these problems from a new technical perspective.

We are searching for a competent candidate to hire as a Cosmos developer who will join a team that is tasked with creating dynamic and complicated controlling and automation technologies from concept to implementation for a variety of prototypes. 

Numerous task areas, including air control, air, nuclear, and sea defense, telecommunication and operational systems, homeland defense, and surveillance, monitoring, and observation systems, are covered by prototype applications. 

The programmer will be responsible for designing, implementing, and testing realistic software for aircraft applications in close collaboration with a small team.

Cosmos Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Incorporate business needs and convert them into technical needs.
  • Design and plan COSMOS scripts in which you need to collect the data from the structured streams, and further add-on business principles and transformations to fulfill the demands.
  • Upgrade earlier available COSMOS scripts to integrate them with current business alterations and perform validation.
  • Incorporate new script of cosmos into the workflows.
  • Perform testing of the workflows and the cosmos scripts using the INT environment.
  • Implement such workflows and cosmos scripts in the production environment.

Cosmos Developer Required Skills

  • Active secret clearance is preferable, along with a ship.
  • The capacity or readiness to proceed with a Top Secret Clearance.
  • A bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum of 5 years of related experience.
  • Proficiency in COSMOS.
  • Programming languages like Ruby or Python.
  • Linux or Desktop programming using serial/UARTs, socket servers/clients, and other widely used communication protocols.
  • Realistic Embedded Systems (VxWorks, Linux, Xenomai, RTOS).
  • Protocols for Communications (SPI, USB, PCIe, Ethernet, I2C).
  • Integrated software.
  • Laboratory-based integration and testing.
  • Effective written and verbal communication abilities
  • Capable of working in a collaborative atmosphere

Cosmos Developer Prefered Skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of MS SQL Server
  • Query Analyzer and SQL profiler
  • Knowledge of SQL server management studio.