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Elixir Developer Job Description Template

Elixir Developer Job Description

The Erlang virtual machine, which powers Elixir, is renowned for building distributed, fault-tolerant systems with low latency. With the help of these features and the Elixir tooling, developers may work efficiently in a variety of fields across numerous sectors, including web development, embedded applications, data pipelines, and multimedia processing.

Elixir developers build high-performing, scalable, and dependable solutions after carefully analyzing the issues. From design to implementation, recognize and assist the software delivery lifecycle. To carry out automation testing and look for performance bottlenecks, work with interdisciplinary teams.

Company Brief

We are a cutting-edge software company that creates and maintains amazing software for many businesses, including our own, using a variety of technologies to meet the demands of many industries. Software architecture and design, deployments, operations, development, and testing are our areas of expertise.

Everyone involved in our projects is committed to their achievement. We are experts who are concerned about corporate ethics and quality, not just programmers.

Job Description

An Elixir developer is an expert in OTP and how to use it in software. You should possess a deep understanding of system design patterns and quick use of popular Elixir libraries.  You must be comfortable with and aware of the advantages and disadvantages of CQRS, RPC, and event sourcing.

DDD (domain-driven design), along with a thorough comprehension of the client’s business model, expectations, and needs, should be a key component of the code you write. Typically, senior developers have a niche area of expertise, such as architecture, databases, etc.

We are looking to hire a dedicated Elixir developer to join our team of experts. The ideal applicant will be in charge of creating excellent applications. They will also be in charge of creating tested, scalable code and putting it into practice.

Elixir Developer Duties and Responsibilities

  • To increase the range of products offered by the company’s products, design and code with the cutting-edge Elixir language to increase stability, flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency.
  • Explore and develop new designs/architectures that are focused on scale and performance in collaboration with the engineering team.
  • Take part in coding and managing reviews to uphold our high standards for development.
  • Plan your service’s capacity and demand, and analyze, tune, and optimize software performance.
  • To create and prototype feature specifications, work with the product and experience teams.
  • Build and scale back-end services in close collaboration with the infrastructure team, and carry out problem analysis investigations.
  • Create, construct, examine, and repair large-scale distributed systems.

Elixir Developer Qualifications

  • Elixir requires idiomatic programming, and you should be well-versed in ideas like pattern recognition, looping, and behaviors.
  • Elixir processes and concurrency should be familiar to you.
  • You need to have experience using Elixir’s Agents, Tasks, Supervisors, Genservers, and other OTP concepts.
  • If you have experience with data processing packages like Flow, Genstage, and Broadway, that is a plus.
  • Minimum of five years experience in software engineering.
  • Working with both relational as well as non-relational datasets should come naturally to you. We employ Cassandra and Postgres.
  • Working knowledge of caching tools like Redis and RabbitMQ queue setup is preferred but not required.
  • Good understanding of Git version management.
  • Understanding of TDD.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD would be really advantageous.