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Flutter Developer Job Description Template

Flutter Developer Job Description

An open-source tool for software development called Flutter makes it simple and easy to create cross-platform mobile apps. Without having to build the code for the iOS as well as Android applications individually, you can easily develop superior quality natively generated applications for both platforms. One codebase will do for both systems.

The correct set of abilities is necessary to complete projects from conception to completion, including building a reliable cross-platform mobile application. You may take a thought and transform it into a superb software application with the proper Flutter Developer.

Job Description 

We are seeking to hire a Flutter Developer to manage and create product application features for multiple cross-platform devices. We are seeking someone with experience using Flutter widgets, which can be connected, altered, and deployed anywhere, much like Lego boxes that stack on top of one another. anyone who is enthusiastic about writing code, fixing technical issues, and taking full responsibility for app development.

Reviewing the software requirements and user interface mockups, creating a cross-browser smartphone app entirely from scratch, and supervising the software workflow are all tasks that fall under the purview of the Flutter Developer role. To guarantee that you produce high-performing software with a seamless user experience, you’ll collaborate with a backend developer and a UI designer.

Flutter Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Software design, development, testing, management, and deployment using the Dart language and Flutter framework.
  • Creating user interface elements and putting them into use while adhering to standard Flutter / Dart operations and procedures.
  • Coordinating with engineering and product leads to putting business and project goals into practice.
  • As part of the CI/CD cycle, team members’ commits are reviewed for code.
  • Take part in the CI/CD cycle’s testing, quality control, and bug fixing.

Flutter Developer Requirements

  • Two to five years of expertise in creating native mobile apps for iOS and/or Android.
  • 2 years of professional app development and delivery expertise using the Flutter framework.
  • Good knowledge of app architecture, Flutter flavors, and state management.
  • Strong consultative and communication abilities. proactive and self-starting.
  • Experience working in a remote environment for software development.
  • An added benefit is having experience developing software and apps for consumer items.
  • A degree in computer science, software engineering, or application development is advantageous.
  • Nice-to-haves: PWA, Azure DevOps, and Firebase (Progressive Web Apps).

Flutter Developer Prefered Skillsets

  • Detailed knowledge of programming languages that support objects, such as Java and C++.
  • Familiarity with IDEs such as Android Studio, and VS Code, and version control systems like Git, Subversion, etc.
  • Exposure to Scrum projects and knowledge of the Agile Life Cycle of Software Development.
  • In-depth understanding of Rest APIs, the Dart programming language, and the integration of numerous third-party APIs.
  • Being at ease utilizing test cases to improve efficiency and reliability and troubleshooting code.

Flutter Developer Expectations

  • Recognize the various procedures and methods used by the team.
  • Get acquainted with the various stacks and goods.
  • Create a Dart codebase for a single product feature.
  • To improve product performance, record your findings and conduct tests.
  • Consider user comments and enhance the codebase for upcoming upgrades.
  • Oversee the development of other features.