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Postgres Developer Job Description Template

Postgres Developer Job Description

Due to its many features, including parallel query, native partitioning, support for foreign data wrappers, powerful JSON features, broadcasting, and logical replication, and the availability of numerous open-source tools for high availability, backups, and monitoring, PostgreSQL is well-liked among developers.

The PostgreSQL ORDBMS supports the procedural programming language PL/pgSQL (Procedural Language/PostgreSQL). It likewise copies the PL/SQL language which is used by Oracle.

A highly competent person who can create effective APIs and manage datasets as needed is a PostgreSQL developer.

Company Brief

We are a highly skilled, driven group of people who are dedicated to fostering a courteous workplace. We think that the success of our company as a global enterprise depends on the diversity of our workforce and the availability of equitable employment opportunities. We provide an integrated work culture and strive to find, nurture, and keep talented guys from a wide pool of applicants worldwide. There are many possibilities for advancement with us as we are among the rapidly expanding businesses in Mumbai.

Job Description

A PostgreSQL developer’s duties may also involve launching the company’s cloud platform and creating database code. The candidate will collaborate closely with the company’s product managers and create effective APIs. When necessary, they will have to manipulate datasets. Additionally, they will support the data source code of scripts, views, and queries.

We are seeking to hire a Postgres developer competent enough to tackle upcoming challenges during building projects. He must possess the potential to work more than 40 hours per week.

Postgres Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work in tandem with the leadership teams, managers, and developers to create efficient databases.
  • Work with program managers to guarantee that database code satisfies needs.
  • Speak with front-end programmers to define simple but dynamic APIs.
  • Work with DBAs to monitor data architecture and data quality.
  • Integrate and upkeep database code in queries, views, scripts, and processes.

Postgres Developer Required Skills

  • IT or computer science bachelor’s or master’s degree, or comparable work experience
  • 3+ minimum years of PostgreSQL experience are required.
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL’s JSON support.
  • ETL fundamentals are well understood.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of data management such as permissions, security, recovery, and monitoring).
  • Strong verbal and written skills, as well as English proficiency that has been demonstrated.

Postgres Developer Prefered Skills

  • Time-series database knowledge.
  • Knowledge of high-performance data principles including message buffering, and indexing.
  • Working knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Database profiling capability.
  • Being capable of writing SQL statements and code that respects data security, privacy, and quality.

Postgres Developer Benefits

  • Career & growth opportunities
  • Better compensation for PostgreSQL developers
  • Medical Insurance
  • Proactive support
  • Incentives