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Sails.JS Developer Job Description Template

Sails.JS Developer Job Description

The most well-known MVC framework for Node. js is called Sails, and it was created to mimic the reputed MVC style of frameworks like Ruby on Rails while also supporting the needs of contemporary projects, such as data-driven APIs and scalable, service-oriented architecture.

The Sails framework and related open-source initiatives such as Skipper, Waterline, and the Node Machine specification are all primarily sponsored by The Sails Company. We provide libraries and software that enable JavaScript developers to work more efficiently, and we offer expert services and support to help businesses construct Node.js applications much more quickly and easily.

Job Description

An expert in the Sails.js programming framework, a Sails.js developer designs, develops, tests, and manages applications. Node.js and JavaScript expertise are required.

Our research & product design businesses in India are being expanded quickly. And we need intelligent, aspirational individuals like you who value a stimulating yet demanding workplace. Diversity and inclusion, in our opinion, are the cornerstones of an amazing, long-lasting culture. We also think it’s critical to strike the correct balance between work and life.

Sails.JS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Help the team by providing support and upkeep for all software components.
  • Support the AWS infrastructure in delivering the necessary services.
  • Capable of effectively configuring Cloudwatch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, IAM, Redis, Route 53 Elasticache, and other systems.
  • Uses cutting-edge techniques like Git, Docker, Vagrant, and Virtual Machine.
  • Ensure appropriate documentation procedures.
  • When required, benchmark performance and optimize it.
  • Encourage the use of best infrastructure techniques such as monitoring, release management, and security.
  • Create a platform with a highly available infrastructure that is secure and robust.
  • Encourage the technical team to build and release features.
  • Create resources and procedures that help engineers work more productively and maintain a smooth release pipeline.
  • Encourage and support effective teamwork techniques including TDD, system security, code reviews, and pair programming.
  • Bring fresh technological proposals, ideas, and approaches to the group so as to inspire them.
  • Create/integrate support infrastructure and offer Level 3 support.
  • Automate deployments in accordance with industry standards.
  • Offer high-quality code via testing and utilizing modern tools.
  • Acquire the necessary technology, then help the team out as necessary.

Sails.JS Developer Requirements

  • 5 to 8 years of experience working as a Sails.js/Node.js developer overall.
  • Strong team player, excellent communicator, and eager to pick up new skills in a fast-paced setting
  • Possess a solid understanding of the Linux operating system and network administration.
  • ORM Framework JSON expertise.
  • Strong knowledge of Node.js (mandatory).
  • Sails.Js and Express.Js.
  • Able to comprehend PHP and CodeIgnitor framework programs.
  • Able to manage curl operations and seamlessly connect third-party services when necessary.
  • Knows how the various techniques function: SSL, WebSocket, JWT Javascript.
  • Able to use MySQL or PostgreSQL to develop relational solutions that address new or current functionalities (mandatory).
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of Redis or Memcached caching.
  • A plus is having strong Javascript language skills and non-relational database experience.
  • Help a group of computer programmers when further assistance is needed.