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Terraform Developer Job Description Template

Terraform Developer Job Description 

With the help of HashiCorp Terraform, you can specify both cloud and on-premises services in human-readable system settings that you can reuse, distribute, and version. The provisioning and lifecycle management of all of your infrastructures can then be done using a standardized methodology. Terraform can manage low-level elements like computation, memory, and networking resources in as well as high-level ones like Dns server records and SaaS services.

Terraform uses its interfaces for application programming to generate and utilize resources on cloud applications and other services (APIs). Terraform can integrate with practically any system or service that has an accessible API thanks to providers.

Job Description 

You may treat infrastructure like code with Terraform. It has grown in popularity as a result of its straightforward syntax, which enables simple modularity and compatibility with a variety of public platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud Services, Azure, Kamatera, Adobe Creative Cloud, VMware, etc.

We’re a leading US company embarking on cutting-edge digital transformation, so we’re looking for a top-notch Terraform programmer to assist our DevOps team. The engineer is in charge of ensuring that the infrastructure is suitable for its intended use and safe. 

Additionally, they will need to assist delivery teams and developers in developing the proper vision and plan.

Terraform Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Create a reliable and top-notch DevOps application.
  • To improve performance, set up a safe Linux, Windows, and container infrastructure.
  • Improve the cloud platform to increase product flexibility and delivery speed.
  • Create services for log and monitoring, delivery pipelines, and self-service infrastructure provisioning.
  • Continuously maintain, repair, and enhance infrastructure.
  • Investigate any infrastructure-related operating problems.
  • Work with team members and the appropriate stakeholders to comprehend user requirements and put technical solutions into practice.

Terraform Developer Required Skills

  • Computer science bachelor’s or master’s degree or relevant work experience
  • 4+ years of expertise as a cloud developer with sound training (/edit as needed) understanding of AWS.
  • Extensive knowledge of configuration management, production support, automated single-click deployment, IaC, and PaC.
  • Proficiency with DevOps techniques centered in the cloud, particularly with Terraform and OpenShift.
  • Docker, Kubernetes, and the orchestration tools Ansible and Puppet expertise are required.
  • Understanding of shell scripting
  • Capable of operating systems like Windows or Linux at the system level.
  • Strong background in JavaScript/TypeScript, Python (Django) (and React.js).
  • Familiar with Sentry, the Elastic-Fluent-Kibana (EFK) stack, and Prometheus.
  • Strong Helm and Kubernetes experience.
  • Solid background in automation.

Terraform Developer Prefered Skills

  • Comprehensive Terraform working experience.
  • A practical knowledge of cloud computing.
  • Strong understanding of cloud infrastructure, particularly the infrastructure that the firm has chosen.
  • Practical knowledge of Jenkins’s CI/CD workflow.
  • Working knowledge of build and source code management tools
  • Understanding of orchestration programmes like Ansible and Puppet.
  • In-depth knowledge of containerization tools like Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Working knowledge of shell scripting
  • A good ability to communicate.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.
  • The capacity to build scalable, efficient, and simple code.
  • Solid familiarity with agile software development techniques.
  • It would be best to have an AWS Cloud certification.

Terraform Developer Benefitsm and Perks

  • Career & growth opportunities
  • Better compensation for Terraform developers
  • Medical Insurance
  • Incentives