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Turing Alternatives for Hiring the Best Software Developers from India

Every organization needs software-based solutions for efficiency in operations and functioning. The increasing digitality of operations has necessitated hiring top talent for faster cycle times and time-to-market.

To that end, the flexibility and resourcefulness that comes with hiring freelance talent have boosted online recruitment platforms. Turing has been one of the top rankers in this niche for its AI-backed recommendation systems that match the right jobs with the right talent.

That said, more freelance talent is waiting to be discovered. And companies similar to Turing are aplenty. Let’s dive into some Turing alternatives and see how they fare vis-à-vis.

Top 10 Turing Alternatives

1. ultraGenius

ultraGenius is a recruitment platform dedicated to hiring software developers from India. The company has a track record of placing its talent in Silicon Valley, with clients like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and Amazon. You can also find talent spanning across the entire development stack, blockchains, and frameworks.

ultraGenius as a Turing Alternative

  • ultraGenius allows your company to hire top developers on permanent payroll, unlike Turing.
  • ultraGenius also takes care of the administrative aspects of hiring: onboarding, machines/laptop sourcing and delivery, compliances and more.
  • This platform has one of the lowest fees on the market, at a one-time fee on developers’ salary instead of 50%-100% markups like other companies.

2. Toptal

Toptal is the world’s largest company that is fully remote. They promise you freelance talent from the top 3% tier across the planet.

Toptal as a Turing Alternative

  • As compared to Turing, the Toptal platform is better at meeting client requirements.
  • You will find Toptal easy to use as compared to Turing.
  • Customer experience says that Toptal has a more secure payments system.
  • Toptal is better suited for smaller businesses.
  • Toptal also has a greater number of freelance profiles.

3. Upwork

Upwork is an online community of freelancers across multiple industries like software, design, legal, engineering, and many more. You can register as an employer on the platform and search for the right talent from millions of profiles.

Upwork as a Turing Alternative

  • You can conduct the searching by yourself on Upwork, unlike Turing.
  • Upwork charges you only when you hire a professional, not for browsing profiles.
  • Upwork platform gives you a workflow builder tool for projects which isn’t available (or needed) with Turing.

4. Revelo

Revelo specializes in helping you hire software talent from Latin America (English, bilingual). They have reputed clients like Accenture, Dell, and BBC.

Revelo as a Turing Alternative

  • Revelo fares better in administrative ease as compared to Turing.
  • It also features better vetting and screening, according to users.
  • The guidelines and policies are well defined in Revelo.
  • Revelo, however, may not be as suitable as Turing at enterprise-level.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr markets itself as a “marketplace” for freelancers where businesses can search for professionals based on the task they want to accomplish. It is a global platform.

Fiverr as a Turing Alternative

  • Fiverr allows you to find freelancers from any industry. It isn’t specifically limited to software development.
  • Fiverr is more suited for smaller businesses, while Turing can be used by slightly larger organizations as well.

6. is a quirky platform dedicated to matching businesses with software development professionals. It offers custom services. as a Turing Alternative

  • promises to deliver a customized match for your business within 24 hours of discussing the requirements. Turing usually takes a few days.
  • They provide a zero-risk guarantee of replacement if the professional is not a good fit without compromising on your project timelines.

7. Supersourcing

Supersourcing is a platform dedicated to helping businesses outsource their software development needs by connecting them with trained professionals.

Supersourcing as a Turing Alternative

  • While Turing focuses on hiring contract professionals, Supersourcing is an outsourcing platform.
  • Supersourcing also lets you hire IT engineers.
  • You get access to vetted profiles through the Premium plan.

8. is a specialized platform for hiring developers at a lightning-fast pace. The platform lets you book interviews yourself. as a Turing Alternative

  • Through, you can instantly book an interview with a favourable candidate, unlike Turing, which gets you matches.
  • provides you with a custom hiring package on a pay-as-you-go basis, unlike Turing.

9. X-Team

X-Team is another dedicated platform for hiring freelance software developers. This platform also helps you with hiring software development teams.

X-Team as a Turing Alternative

  • X-Team does not rotate its developers. The professionals you hire through this platform stay with you for as long as needed.
  • X-Team brings you access to profiles from over 70 countries. However, Turing is more widespread.

10. Codementor

Codementor is a platform that lets your business hire software development mentors. You can also hire freelance developers through Codementor.

Codementor as a Turing Alternative

  • Codementor is majorly about one-on-one live mentorships for debugging, personalization, and solving complex problems in development.
  • It has a reverse-hiring method through Arc, which lets companies apply to hire senior developers to higher designations.

The Gist

With the escalating preference towards hiring freelancers, there has been a proportionate rise in the hiring platforms where candidates can search for opportunities. These online platforms aim to bridge the gap between the requirements and skills for your business.

Consider these ten Turing like companies as the top-ranking alternatives to Turing for finding the best software developers online.

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