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Payment Process

Every organization incurs significant costs when hiring for difficult-to-fill positions. It takes a tremendous amount of time to have your TA team concentrate on these jobs, which results in a significant compensation overhead. Not to add that these positions slow down your time to hire generally because they impede the flow of other hires. A significant price tag is also associated with hiring through agencies. The solution is ultraGenius. We screen hundreds of candidates on a daily basis and figure out the right candidates. For hiring developers on our platform - we do not charge any upfront recruitment charges. We match you with the best candidate available for your requirements and budgets.

We Accept

Here are the approximate estimates that depicts the amount of time, cost & hassle that ultraGenius can save.


US Based Dev Cost

ultraGenius Approx Dev Costs

Cost Savings

1 - 3 Years

$76k/year + overheads



3 - 5 Years

$120k/year + overheads



6 - 8 Years

$200k/year + overheads



8+ Years

$300k/year + overheads



Payment related Questions

We handle all payroll & compliance matters related to hiring the candidate. We do not sell anything or charge anything to the talent. We just screen them & help them find the best role based on their expectations.

If the developer doesn’t meet your expectations, we find a free replacement for the same.

If you want to hire candidates directly on your payroll & the developer also wants to work directly with you - we can facilitate that as well for a fixed one time fee.

If you have any questions or want to discuss more on how we can assist please contact us ( We are here to work out the way that works best for you and the talent on our platform.