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C Developer Job Description Template

C Developer Job Description

C is the oldest and most basic programming language innovated by Dennis Richie in 1970 at Bell Labs. The programs are split into several modules in the C programming language, which makes it a structured language. Since it supports both low-level and high-level language features, C is also regarded as a middle-level language.

Low-level memory accesses, a nice selection of keywords, and a simple style are the fundamental characteristics of the C language, which make it appropriate for general-purpose computing like operating systems.

Many subsequent languages have either directly or indirectly inherited syntax and features from the C language. Like the semantics of Java, the foundation of many other languages, like PHP and JavaScript, is the C language. The C language is almost a superset of C++.

Hence, a C developer must exhibit an excellent understanding of all such features.

Company Profile

Being the fastest-growing platform, we hire the top 1% of remote talent from India. As an emerging organization, we focus on the dedication and zeal of the developers to meet our client’s demands technically and intellectually. Most start-ups and reputed companies rely on our platform for their projects, as we are best with our services of providing extraordinary freelance developers.

C Developer Job Description

All programming languages are generally built on the C Language. This general-purpose programming language is recognized as a specialty in the current scenario of programming skills. The foremost responsibility of the C developer is to write codes that get associated with the operating system, embedded systems, and other high-level languages like Go, Node.js, and Python. 

C Developer Job Profile

Being the fastest emerging freelancing platform, we are seeking highly talented C developers who are proficient and possess self-assistantship skills. The developer will convert our client’s requirements into coding, focusing on all the software development life cycle steps. The candidate must possess a hands-on experience in designing, writing codes, testing, implementing, debugging, and maintaining a complete project.

The selected candidate will be working on real-time live projects, which is a big challenge. You will be developing modules that are reliable, easy to use, and efficient. 

The selected candidate will be working on real-time live projects, which is a big challenge. You will be developing modules that are reliable, easy to use, and efficient.  You will also get an opportunity to work with experts, contributing coding for new features and testing for errors as well. The job is perfect for those who want to join a group that is growing swiftly and making professional advancements. A candidate must be ready to work 40 hours per week.

C Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design, test, and implement reliable and reusable C programs.
  • Regular meetups with the IT team and design team to figure out the requirements and their outcomes.
  • Work incorporation with other high-level languages.
  • Keeping track of software development records and procedures documentation
  • Observing technological advancements and C++ standards in application development
  • Constructing embedded systems, kernel modules, and libraries for several other high-level languages.
  • Implementing modules for performance and quality.
  • Locating flaws or bottlenecks and resolving integration problems.
  • Check for the resilience and quality of the code.
  • C Developers must efficiently maintain the code’s quality and automation.

C Developer Requirements

  • Graduate/Post-Graduate with the relevant degree in Computer Science.
  • 2+ years of coding experience in C/C++ either as a full-timer or freelancer. 
  • Must be able to present some successful real-world initiatives during the interview.
  • Complete familiarity with the standard library as defined by ANSI and ISO.
  • Precise understanding of STL and BOOST.
  • Precise knowledge of programming tools like Lint and Valgrind.
  • Conceptual understanding of algorithms and data structures.
  • Good command of SVN, Mercurial, and Git, program configuration technologies.
  • A master’s degree will a CGPA above 7 will be given preference.
  • Concepts of multithreading should be at your fingertips, especially debugging and deadlocks.
  • Must have experience in GPU programming and Socket programming.
  • Excellent time-scheduling skills.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities.
  • The talent for supervising projects.
  • Proficiency in English speaking to deal with international clients.