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Hire Top 1% Remote C Developers in 24 hrs with ultraGenius

Ultragenius is a marketplace for top software developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. Top start-ups and companies choose developers from Ultragenius platform for their critical software projects. Hire from Ultragenius network & scale your engineering team in a matter of few days. 

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C developer

Rishabh is a software engineer having 7+ years of experience in developing native modules and applications using C and designed low-level system interactive softwares.

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C developer

Mahesh is a software engineer having 3+ years of experience in developing native modules and applications using C and designed low-level system interactive softwares.

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C developer

John is a software engineer having 10+ years of experience developing core C applications on desktop and mobile side and well-versed in writing native modules for Python, Go, Node.js.

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Hire top talented C developers with Ultragenius

C is a procedural programming language designed to support structured programming and writing system applications that involves a major part of the operating system and can work on games, graphics, enterprise applications, and applications that need calculation. C is a low-level language and therefore is suitable for kernels and drivers. For example, Linux Kernel is written in C.

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Want to hire C developers on your own? Here are the skills you must look for while hiring a C developer

Hiring C developers might be a complicated task for you if you are a non-technical manager. C is widely used procedural programming language used for writing low-level machine code, scripts for native modules, and is of greater use in shell scripting. C is used as a system programming language and works fast if the working environment is Linux. But, even if you belong to technical field, hiring C developers among thousands of developers is a challenging task for anyone. So, Ultragenius is here to assist you while hiring the top talented developers on your own. 

The following skills you must ensure while hiring a C developer – 

Steadfast knowledge of C library, containers, and algorithms

The C Standard Library (STL) is a collection of all C classes, data structures, algorithms, templates that are designed in C.  STL can make your code more reusable, fast-working, and extensible. STL provides four types of components, namely, algorithms, functions, iterators, and containers. The C developers must know about Containers, Algorithms, Iterators, Container Adopters, Associative Containers, and Sequential Containers. 

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Experience writing code in C

The C developer must have experience writing code in C. C, like Java and Python, has various functions, algorithms, and data structures that the C developer must be aware of. With the knowledge of its standard library, the C developer can code faster while maintaining the simplicity of code. Check if the C developer can code well in C and knows about its input-output stream (scanf, printf), getch(), getche(), getchar(), gets(), putch(), putchar(), puts(), “\n” , flush stream, different types of variables and functions, file handling, pointers, etc.

Knowledge of different data types

There are various data types available in C and has specific operations to perform. Following are the examples –

  • char – char stores a single character and needs the memory of single byte in all compilers.
  • int – An int variable stores an integer value. The memory it occupies depends upon the machine.
  • double – A double variable stores a decimal value with double precision.
  • float – A float variable stores a decimal value with single precision.
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Hands-on with Procedural Programming

C language works on the procedural paradigm of programming in which the C program code is organized as a set of procedures known as functions. Procedural programming a tasks into sub-tasks which are called subroutines, subprograms, and functions. The whole data is in the form of variables and the functions are designed to operate on that variables. Each function comprises of computational statements which embeds a solution for a particular problem.

Experienced working with code versioning tools like Git, SVN, TFS

C developers must have a very good knowledge of version control systems, like Git, SVN, TFS, and Mercurial. Mostly, developers use Git for their work. It is the version control system that helps the team in collaborating and organizing your code, maintain the frequent changes that occur in the code. Git helps in reviewing the old codes and compares them with the newly updated code, pulling the code from their repository, and managing the commit history.

Along with this, the C developer must know how to use add, push, pull, and commit commands, how to do  branching, and merging as it allows developers in different field to work independently on the code.

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Knowledge of writing native modules

The C developer must have core knowledge of high-level language to integrate native modules (built-in modules) in C with Python shell or Node.js run-time environment. For example, The native modules have resources for certain system functionalities like disk IO, OS management, file system, etc. The code for the native modules is specific to the Operating System it runs on.

Firm understanding of System Programming and Linux

The developers write the code on Linux environment as it is an open source platform embedded with lots of C libraries and there are a lot of projects written in C for Linux/Unix operating system. The C developers must have firm understanding of setting up the environment, compiling, running, and debugging the code,  and installing different types of libraries. 

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Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms

Knowledge of data structures and algorithms enables a C developer write meaningful and concise code. You must ensure that the C developer developers you are hiring must know about popular algorithms like find, count, substr, finding minimum using min function, maximum using max function, and more. The C developers must know about map, set, vector, trees data structure.

Firm understanding of System Call library functions

A system call is responsible for providing the operating system services to the user program through an Application Programming Interface (API). System calls acts as an interface between a program and operating system and hence are called the entry-points of the operating system. The system call wrapper places all the arguments which need to be passed in the appropriate processor registers.

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Knowledge of Synchronization Primitives and low-level designing

Synchronization Primitives are the software processes that are provided by an operating system for the purpose of supporting threads. These primitives are designed using low-level designing such as memory barriers, atomic operations, context switches, spinlocks, etc. A semaphore, mutex, events and all condition variables are examples of synchronization primitives. When the monitor is used as a building block, it is also considered as a synchronization primitive.

Memory management in no-garbage collection environments

As C doesn’t have any automated garbage collection environment, so the C developer must know how to manage memory and utilize it efficiently. The developers must have knowledge about dangling references, flag variables, how to use free and delete operators, use of reference counting for managing the lifetime of an object. The C developers must also know how to use malloc() and calloc() efficiently for dynamic memory allocation.

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Excellent Problem-Solving Skills

The C developer must have a strong problem solving skill because it helps developers to utilize existing solutions for the projects more efficiently, thinking abstractly, and enables them to write pseudocode for their project. The developer must know how to debug the code as well. Also, check if the C developer is able to write clean and concise code so that other team members can understand it easily. 

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Connect with the top 1% C developers of the world at the lowest prices

C  is widely used scripting language for system programming. C is used to write native modules that contain resources for file system, disk IO, OS management, etc. But hiring the top 1% C developers is not an easy task when thousands of C developers are competing to grab the job opportunities. So, UltraGenius is here to assist you in recruiting only the top talented developers.

Top Interview Questions to ask while hiring a C developer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultragenius is one of the leading platforms for hiring remote talent and connecting developer and part-time developers with Silicon Valley businesses. We focus on finding the best talents who will perform extremely well and will be easily integrated into your teams. We filter out only the top 1% most skilled developers among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. Candidates have to prove their self-reported experience by giving Ultragenius’ s skill tests.

Ultragenius first tests the developer’s skill set by conducting a two and half hour hiring test. Our hiring test judges a candidate on all aspects like aptitude, case study analysis, verbal and reasoning, coding questions based on data structures and algorithms, software engineering, system design, and more. Then, there is another round for the candidates who are selected from this round called “Higher-level Assessment Skill Test”, which is a video round that deeply analyzes developers’ major skills and asks questions about the projects they have worked upon.

Fill up the form which is on every hiring developers’ page and we will inform you once we select the top 1% C developers matching your job requirements.  After analyzing the candidates based on their resumes and two assessment tests, we provide you the feedback quickly. And if the developers selected by our team are fit for your job role, then we also provide the onboarding.

Ultragenius offers you only the most skilled developers who are top 1% among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. After a rigorous selection and testing process, we sort out only the top candidates for you. You can check out Ultragenius’ s selection process for hiring C developers on

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