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10 Best UpStack Alternatives: Which Is The Best for You in 2023?

If UpStack isn’t your ideal platform to create long-term relationships with professionals, we’ll discuss alternatives to UpStack to serve you better. But first, let’s establish why people choose UpStack. Upstack is a fast-evolving platform with a diverse talent pool of qualified professionals vetted thoroughly.





From 2018-2020, UpStack has seen 340% growth while helping firms hire easily. Moreover, this platform encourages collaboration with a team of experts who specifically specialize in technologies and industries. 



UpStack ensures lending help to businesses by finding the right match for them. They have a rigorous vetting process, including collecting applications, reviewing candidates’ work, interviews to check technical and problem-solving skills, assigning sample projects, and conducting background checks.



Besides, they charge around 10-20% of the project cost. Although UpStack has completed 2,500+ client engagements, some professionals may face challenges with this platform.



Challenges with UpStack 



    • Cost: UpStack’s fees may seem expensive for small businesses as they charge more than other platforms. Their costing model depends on the project’s size and the high experience of their top-tier professionals.



    • Availability: Although UpStack provides vetted professionals, you may need more available time or high-quality professionals for some subjects. 



    • Communication: If you don’t follow a personalized process, you may be challenged to communicate clearly with remote teams.




Not everyone can sail in the same boat. Given how swiftly the disciplines of AI and ML are evolving, you can explore various UpStack competitors and solutions that provide functionality similar to the UpStack platform.



Which UpStack Alternative is worth your time and money?



Understandably, when looking for a suitable platform to work with professionals, you have to ensure that the platform fulfills your goals, prices, delivery time, and partnership quality. So, we will discuss sites like UpStack to help you avoid platforms that don’t suit your needs and save you time and effort.

1. ultraGenius- Work with the top 2% of professionals






A fast-growing platform in India, ultraGenius helps you hire the top 2% of professionals for your development project. They conduct a full screening process before hiring the developers so that they can fit your time zone and help you excellently.



Moreover, ultrasonics is proficient in helping you save 40% of time and cost. They have clients like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and Amazon.



Besides, they provide a 30-day risk-free trial policy to help you work with the right candidate. Their talent pool ranges around development stacks, blockchains, and frameworks. 



Best Features Of ultraGenius



    • They filter out candidates to hire the one which fits them with technical and cultural experience.



    • They’ll provide you with candidates within 24 hours of your inquiry.



    • They charge a one-time fee on their developer’s salary of less than 50%-100% markups.



    • They follow a transparent communication system to create a long-term relationship with you.




Hiring Process Of ultraGenius 



    • First, they conduct profile screening of the candidates to check their experience with products or systems, work history, and other details. 



    • Next, a senior engineer interviews the candidate in a live coding session, asking them about their expectations of work culture and other necessary experiences.



    • They check the candidate’s soft skills to understand their potency better.



    • They also test the candidates with in-house tools regarding their experience with algorithms, data structures, and more.



  • They start the onboarding process if the candidate is appropriate for them and the potential clients.

2. Upwork- A Global Platform With 18 Million Users






Upwork is a unique medium and one of the websites like UpStack that links you with businesses worldwide. It offers various job categories for you to join, from programming and design to accounting and writing.



What sets Upwork apart is your access to its powerful tools for project management, time tracking, and invoicing, making it easy for you and businesses to collaborate and get work done efficiently. Here, you can offer bids to clients, and they can decide if you’re the best fit for their business.



Moreover, companies can follow and supervise every stage of your project to maintain trust and quality. You’ll have to pay a fee of 5% to 20% of the earnings to Upwork. However, as your lifetime billings increase, the fees will be reduced.



Best Features Of Upwork



    • You’ll get payment guaranteed with a secure payment system for completed work.



    • You can use Upwork’s several resources and educational materials to improve your skills and increase your chances of landing jobs.



    • You can use the feedback system to showcase your work and build your reputation.



    • You can set your rates and negotiate directly with clients to ensure they receive fair compensation for their work.




Cons Of Upwork



    • As a new freelancer among 12 million, you may face difficulty finding clients and earning high wages.



    • You will lack control over the platform’s terms, negotiate rates, communicate outside the platform, or resolve disputes.



    • You may have to contribute 5% to 20% of fees to Upwork from your project.



    • Upwork’s messaging platform can be slow, so you may face communication difficulties. 




Hiring Process Of Upwork For Freelancers



    • Create a profile and add your experience, skills, and portfolio.



    • Hunt for jobs that match your profile.



    • Submit proposals for the jobs that interest you.



    • Interview with clients to understand what’s right for you and them.



    • Get hired, discuss processes, and negotiate the prices and terms.



  • Use Upwork’s project management tool to collaborate on the acquired project.

3. Gaper: Helping You Let Go Of Headaches & Expenses Of Traditional Hiring






Gaper is an AI-powered platform- a strong UpStack competition that connects top-tier professionals with businesses. Through its cutting-edge algorithms and powerful matching system, Gaper helps organizations identify you for their needs and allows you to showcase your skills and expertise to potential employers.



Further, Gaper collaborates with only the top 1% of engineers who have experience working with Stripe, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Businesses can fill out a form to hire you and set a call with Gaper’s team.



Moreover, firms can enjoy a two-week risk-free policy and avoid paying for the service if unsatisfied. However, you’ll have to pay Gaper a 10% commission to complete a project on their platform with each business.



Best Features Of Gaper



    • You can build trust with your clients by using Gaper’s rating system. 



    • You can upskill using “Gaper Academy,” which offers detailed online courses.



    • You can set your prices as per your expertise and increase your earnings.



    • You can complete several skill assessment tests to help highlight your strengths and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.




Cons Of Gaper



    • You may not have access to a diverse talent pool of developers as it’s a new platform. 



    • Gaper is based in India and Pakistan, which can create a communication barrier between developers and clients.



    • You may not get a built-in project management tool, making it difficult to collaborate seamlessly.



    • You may not get a money-back guarantee or insight into their pricing as their terms can be non-transparent.




Hiring Process Of Gaper For Business



    • Use Gaper’s free-two week trial period to post unlimited jobs and hire freelancers.



    • Get a perfect fit through their high-performing algorithm.



    • Get pre-vetted top 1% talent to work with.



  • Enjoy a money-back policy if unsatisfied with the work of freelancers.

4. Toptal: Collaborate with talented software developers






Toptal is a platform to bridge the gap between developers and clients. The platform has a rigorous screening process, ensuring that the freelancers can work with trustworthy clients and are compensated fairly.



As a freelancer, you have to go through the 5 stages of the recruitment process to qualify as the best one. Besides, you’ll have to pay 10-50% of the commission to Toptal.



Within 48 hours, businesses will collaborate with an expert with an option to replace the assigned resource if unsuitable. 



Best Features Of Toptal



    • You can use the scholarship program to further your education or gain new skills.



    • You can enjoy a personal point of contact to navigate the platform and maximize your earnings potential.



    • You can connect, ask questions, and share experiences with other Toptal professionals.



    • You can talk to experienced professionals to provide guidance and support to build your career. 




Cons Of Toptal 



    • You may find it expensive to work on Toptal as it charges a $60 to $250 fee for clients.



    • Due to their heavy hiring process, you may have limited access to diverse talents.



    • It can be frustrating for freelancers to pass tests before getting selected at Toptal.



    • You may experience an opaque pricing structure at Toptal. 




Hiring Process Of Toptal For Freelancers



    • Fill out the application with your skills and experience, give an English test, and submit a LinkedIn profile.



    • Give multiple interviews and skills tests to get your history of work and experience reviewed.



    • Wait for the decision of the Top Talent Director before getting selected.



  • Complete Toptal’s onboarding process and sign a contract.

5. Gigster: Get Steady Work 






Gigster is a platform to connect firms with freelance software developers, designers, and project managers. You can feel at ease using the platform’s streamlined hiring process, project management tools, and network of talented professionals.



As a freelancer, you can benefit from the platform’s ability to match you with high-paying projects and maintain a steady work stream. Besides, Gigster can help businesses save time and money by providing access to top-tier talent on a flexible, as-needed basis.



Moreover, the freelancers do not pay any fees to the platform. Instead, businesses have to charge for the services provided by freelancers at a predetermined rate for their work.



Best Features Of Gigster



    • Gigster uses AI algorithms to optimize project management and team collaboration.
    • Gigster integrates the platform with blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions.
    • Gigster partners with major tech companies and provides access to exclusive tools and resources.



    • Gigster implements a virtual reality workspace to facilitate immersive and interactive design sessions.




Cons Of Gigster



    • You may not find the talent pool as diverse as it should be.



    • There’s no direct communication between the client and the freelancer, as Gigster is a middleman.



    • They charge 20%-30% on projects which is expensive for many professionals.



    • They only focus on software development or design projects, limiting access to other fields you may require specialists, like marketing. 




Hiring Process Of Gigster For Freelancers



    • Submit your application which includes your skills and experience.



    • Get your application reviewed by their expert talent team.



    • After selecting the application, you get ready for an interview process.



  • If you’re approved, you’ll work with Gigster and enjoy projects.

6. CloudDevs: Get a match in 24 hours






CloudDevs is one of the sites similar to UpStack that provides companies with endorsed freelance developers for their software development projects. The firms can hire talented developers without having to devote internal resources.



Moreover, it eliminates the need for marketing and client-acquisition operations and offers freelancers employment prospects.



As a company, you can enjoy a 1-week free policy trial to ensure working with suitable candidates. Whereas, as a freelancer, you’d go through a 5-stage screening process to be qualified as the top talent.



Best Features Of CloudDevs



    • You can work with customizable project management tools to streamline workflows and collaboration.



    • You can access a large pool of vetted and experienced freelance developers with specialized skills.



    • You can enjoy integrating with popular project management tools such as Trello and Asana.



    • You’ll work around the automated invoicing and payment process to simplify billing and accounting.




Cons Of CloudDevs



    • With their limited talent pool, the candidates might not fit your needs.



    • You may have privacy and security concerns due to their dependence on third-party sites.



    • If you’re on a tight budget, CloudDevs can be expensive. 



    • There’s a lack of options in customization which won’t help in seamless collab.




Hiring Process Of CloudDevs



    • Submit your application that involves your work information.



    • Go through the screening process of the initial interview.



    • Pass the coding challenges or other types of skill assessment.



    • Pass the final interview and negotiate your terms.



  • Start working on the project.

7. Turing: Work on the popular platform






The Turing platform is a significant driver in advancing state of the art in AI (artificial learning) and ML (machine learning). It continues to be a key technology for researchers, developers, and businesses in this field.



Moreover, it has won the trust of 2+ million software developers and engineers from 150+ countries– who are selected based on Turing’s detailed tests.



Lastly, the platform uses “Intelligent Talent Cloud” to vet the professionals and match them with relevant job offers. You might have to pay around 10-20% of the commission fee on project completion as a freelancer. 

You can read about Turing Alternatives and their comparisons.



Features of Turing



    • They have a rigorous screening process that selects the top 1% of candidates.



    • They match businesses with developers as per the project requirements.



    • They allow businesses to scale up or down with long or short-term and hourly or full-time engagements.



    • They offer transparent pricing with no hidden charges or markup.




Cons of Turing



    • It would help if you had specialized hardware and software to use the Turing platform. Therefore, it can be an additional expense for small businesses and individuals– making it difficult to access the medium.



    • You may find it complex to set up and use, as Turing requires specialized knowledge and skills.



    • You may face a challenge with your existing applications because they may not be compatible with the high-performing and power-absorbing computing capabilities of the Turing platform.



    • It can be challenging to scale up to handle large datasets or complex models, even if the Turing platform is designed for high-performance computing.




Hiring Process of Turing



    • Apply to Turing from their website or job boards.



    • Pass their technical assessment, which includes coding challenges and more.



    • Pass their cultural fit interview.



    • Turing conducts reference checks to test your potential.



  • Enjoy the job offer if you fit their requirements.

8. Flexiple: Clients from over 15 countries






Founded in 2018, Flexiple being an UpStack alternative, has now become a reliable source that contacts businesses with top developers and designers.



The platform has worked with 15+ clients and has included 2000+ professionals in their talent pool. You can get vetted professionals who will complete the projects on time. Besides, freelancers can enjoy steady work from the world’s leading brands. 



Features Of Flexiple



    • Work with a dedicated project manager to ensure ongoing communication between client and freelancer.



    • Receive high-quality professionals who fit your project requirements.



    • You can hire professionals for the long term or short term.



    • You can get a replacement or refund if the freelancer doesn’t suit you.




Cons Of Flexiple



    • You may face difficulty in selecting professionals for specific needs due to their limited talent pool.



    • They have higher rates than other platforms, which are not ideal for businesses with low budgets.



    • There’s no direct communication between the client and the freelancer.



    • There’s a limited scope of services as they only help you with software developers and designers.




Hiring Process Of Flexiple



    • Fill out their application form by answering questions about your expertise.



    • Go through their screening process that has skill assessment after meeting their quality standard. 



    • Pass the interview and discuss various work-related terms.



  • Get the onboarding process completed and start working on projects.

9. Lemon.io: 10,000 satisfied customers






Founded in 2015 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Lemon.io is a platform that brings businesses and freelancers together. It offers services like web development, mobile app development, and software architecture, and this platform has collaborated with a talent pool of 5,000 pre-vetted freelancers.



They select these freelancers through a rigorous hiring process and select the best match for the business’s project. Moreover, they offer a money-back guarantee to businesses if they’re unsatisfied.



Features Of Lemon.io



    • Enjoy a choice from 5000 pre-vetted professionals to receive high-quality work.



    • Take the assistance of a project manager to run your project smoothly.



    • Receive a refund or replacement if unsatisfied with the freelancer.



    • Work with hourly, part-time, and full-time engagements with freelancers. 




Cons Of Lemon.io



    • If you’re looking for platforms that offer multiple services, Lemon.io isn’t your ideal place.



    • If you have a low budget, you may be unable to work with high-quality freelancers on this platform.



    • You may not get a chance to talk directly with a freelancer.



    • Although this platform has many professionals, there’s still a chance of not finding the right match. 




Hiring Process Of Lemon.io



    • Fill out their online application form regarding your expertise.



    • After approval, pass the screening tests to assess your skills.



    • Give an interview to communicate your experience and work style.



  • Set terms and rates after getting onboarded.

10. Dribbble: Millions of users






Founded in 2009, Dribbble has formed the largest community of designers who help businesses establish their identity through their work. They help freelancers share their work publicly to attract various audiences.



Moreover, it offers job listings, design tasks, and helpful resources. The Process of Dribbble is exclusive, and it filters out low-quality designers fairly and makes their clients approach the right candidate. 



Features Of Dribbble



    • Professionals can use shot sharing to showcase their best work for everyone to see, collaborate, and receive feedback.



    • Enjoy a job board to connect to various jobs and clients.



    • Upskill yourself by using various challenges created by Dribbble.



    • Take the help of educational resources to expand your knowledge in changing times. 




Cons Of Dribbble



    • You may get overwhelmed by feedback and communities of people.



    • Dribbble shows limited screenshots of projects, and it may not provide the whole context to viewers.



    • The platform is subscription-based if you wish to enjoy premium features like access to analytics.



    • You may face a lack of diversity in terms of professional’s perspectives and styles.




Choose The UpStack Alternative That Suits You The Best



Indeed, UpStack is a reliable platform for businesses and freelancer developers to collaborate on varied projects. However, it’s unnecessary to focus on one platform when there are several other freelance sites like UpStack.



Therefore, as a business, you must identify your budget, expectations, and requirements for the project. After that, you can choose the platform that serves you the best.



Besides, freelancers can navigate through the difficulty of vetting tests, quality of clients, security in payment systems, upskilling resources, and the amount of commission fee to join a platform for their career growth.