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Vue.js Developer

Rishabh is a software engineer having 7+ years of experience developing interactive user interfaces and Single Page Applications (SPAs) using Vue.js. He is also an expertise in Javascript.

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Vue.js Developer

Mahesh is a software engineer having 3+ years of experience building web interfaces using Vue.js. He has 5+ years of experience in developing both client-side and server-side web applications.

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Vue.js Developer

John is a software engineer having 10+ years of experience in software development using Haskell programming language. He is an expert in functional programming and researches.

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Hire top talented Vue.js developers with UltraGenius

Vue.js is a robust Javascript framework developed for building Single Page Applications (SPAs) and interactive User Interfaces. Vue provides a reactive two-way data binding which allows automatic update of user interface when any change occurs in Document Object Model (DOM). Vue.js splits the application using Component Based Architecture which provides code readability, component reusability, and quality unit testing.

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Want to hire Vue.js developers on your own? Here are the skills you must look for while hiring a Vue.js developer

Hiring Vue.js developers might be an intricate task for you if you are a non-technical manager. Vue.js is an open-source Javascript framework used to design web interfaces and single-page applications. Vue.js is based on the model-view-viewmodel architecture for building interactive UIs to drive user experience. But, hiring the most skilled Vue.js developers among thousands of developers is a challenging task for anyone. So, UltraGenius is here to assist you while recruiting the top talented Vue.js developers on your own. UltraGenius understands your job requirements and gets you only the top Vue.js developers who have in-depth experience in web development.

The following skills you must look for while hiring a Vue.js developer – 

Familiarity with core HTML5, CSS3 (including SASS or LESS or PostCSS)

Vue.js is one of the smooth-running and interactive  front-end frameworks to work with only if a developer is skilled in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The developer must know more than one Javascript library framework like jQuery, Bootstrap and must be specialized in working with Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX). Check if the developers have worked with Leaner CSS and Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet (SASS) and have knowledge of Javascript build tools such as Grunt.js, Gulp.js, and

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Javascript fundamentals + ES6

Javascript is most widely used language in developing dynamic web applications and helps Vue.js developers integrate back-end with the front-end easily. The Vue.js developer must be clear with the fundamental concepts of Javascript language. ECMAScript 6 (or ES6) is the current version of ECMAScript. The Vue.js developers must be familiar with these ES6 skills –  

  • Arrow functions
  • Blocked scope constructors let and const
  • Advanced object literals
  • Template literals
  • Multi-line strings
  • Modules
  • Module loaders
  • Binary and octal literals
  • Reflect API
  • Proxies
  • Classes
  • Destructuring assignment

CSS Pre-processors and Frameworks

A CSS pre-processor is a program that extends the functionality of CSS and compiles it into regular CSS. SASS, PostCSS, SCSS, and LESS are the extensions of regular CSS and developers use them for useful functions such as math functions, color manipulation, to write better inline documentation, to easily integrate CSS tools and CSS codebase, and much more. It makes developers write lines of code in very less time because of its in-built functionalities.

You must check the Vue.js developer’s knowledge of Bootstrap and Material UI, as these components streamlines the development process and ensures that a web application looks best.

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Knowledge of Vue.js libraries and frameworks

Vue.js is one of the mostly used front-end frameworks and works best with these top UI component libraries like Quasar, VUX, Element Plus, Bootstrap Vue, Vuetify, Ant Design Vue, Keen UI, Equal, Fish UI, Vuikit, PrimeVUE, Chakra UI, Ionic Vue, amnd Vuesax. These independent component styles helps Vue.js developers design distinct applications.


Experienced in working with Version Control System (VCS)

Vue.js developers must possess a very good knowledge of version control systems, like Git and SVN that help the team to collaborate and organize their code. The most popular one is Git because it helps in reviewing old codes against new ones as well as managing commit history or tracking changes to the codebase. Along with this, developer versions also need to know how use commands such as add/push/pull/commit which allows them work independently on the project by branching or merging when needed – all these are crucial for any developer who intends building an app from scratch!

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Excellent understanding of testing frameworks and tools

Vue.js developers must have in-depth knowledge of Jest (one of the most popular used testing frameworks for Javascript), Enzyme, Mocha, AVA and Tape to do unit testing. For end-to-end testing they must know about Selenium, Webdriver, Cucumber.js, Nightwatch.JS, Cypress Puppeteer and Karma to do integration tests.

Strong understanding of Vue.js ecosystem

Vue.js is a featured and rich framework which provides support for ESLint, Babel, Typescript, PostCSS, Unit Testing, End-to-end testing, and PWA. Vue.js ecosystem includes Vue loader (which provides components authorization in a single format called Single-File Components ), Vue CLI (command line interface of Vue), Vue Router (router of Vue which integrates with the front-end to build single page web applications), Vuex (state management library and pattern), and Vue Server Renderer (provides faster time to content and better SEO).

Experience working with jQuery

Vue.js developers must be familiar with jQuery library. jQuery provides a lot of functionalities like CSS selectors for referring the document elements, efficient query methods to find the set of document elements which matches a CSS selectors, useful methods for manipulating DOM. jQuery reduces the application development time and simplifies the process of adding animations, HTML Document traversing, event handling, and AJAX interactions. 

Familiarity with Vue Router and Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Vue.js provides a official router which integrates with Vue.js core to design Single Page Applications (SPAs) and dynamic web pages. Vue router provides nested route (view mapping), excellent navigation control, route params, query, wildcards, customized scroll behavior, view transition effects, and HTML5 history mode with auto-fallback in IE9. You can ask the Vue.js developer about the advantages of Vue router. Vue.js also provides server-side rendering which provides a better SEO as users can directly view the full rendered page and also faster time-to-content especially for devices with slower net connectivity.

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Understanding of Vue API documentation

The Vue.js developers must know about global configurations associated with Vue.js so it is easier for them to modify the properties like silent, devtools, optionMergeStrategies, keyCodes, warnHandler, errorHandler, ignoredElements, productionTip, and performance before launching an application. There are also global APIs including – Vue.extend, Vue.nextTick, Vue.set, Vue.delete, Vue.filter, Vue.directive, Vue.component, Vue.mixin, etc.

Firm understanding of state management system

State management  is the biggest challenge Vue.js developers face while dealing with the large applications.  State management is about managing the state of one or more user interface like OK button, Cancel button, text fields, etc. Vuex is a state management library and pattern which gives developers the ability to store and share data across the application without affecting the performance, testability, or maintainability. Look for the developers who have worked with projects where they have managed states across multiple components and optimized application performance.

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Experience with web markup and UI, UX Concepts

The Vue.js developer must have a firm understanding of element positioning, displaying the elements, and making components interactive, semantic markup, and other related UX Concepts so they can design the product with the best quality. The developer must be experienced in developing visual effects in presentational markup. For, example – How the heading appears, making text larger and putting weight to it, and giving which color to it, and which markup can include captions, bind columns, and row headings to table cells. 

Familiarity with Vue CLI

The Vue CLI is the command line prompt and a supportive tool for Vue.js developers. Vue CLI provides instant prototyping with a single Vue.js file. Without the need of ejecting, Vue CLI is fully configurable and has out-of-the box support for ESLint, Babel, PostCSS, Unit Testing, End-to-End Testring, and Typescript. The developers must be familiar with the install commands – npm install -g @vue/cli or yarn install -g @vue/cli and create project commands – vue ui or vue create my-project.

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Knowledge of Component-based design architecture

Component-based design is a software architecture that allows developers to build websites out of ready made components. Component-based design breaks down the application architecture  into various elements which are easier to code and are reusable logical components with well communication interfaces. It improves code readability and provides code reusability which helps Vue.js developers create new functionality or modify an existing functionality easily thereby streamlining the development process.

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Vue.js is most popular used frameworks when it comes to front-end. Vue.js is widely known for developing Single Page Applications (SPAs) and designing interactive web applications to drive users at a large extent. But, hiring the best Vue.js developers is not an easy task when a large number of Vue.js developers are competing to grab the job opportunities.

Top Interview Questions to ask while hiring a Vue.js developer

In one-way data binding, the UI part (view) of the web application doesn’t update automatically. When the data model is changed, you have to write the custom code to keep it updated every time after a change is made. For one-way data binding, the v-bind directive is used. 


While in two-way data binding, the UI part (view) of the web application is updated automatically when the data model is changed. The v-model directive is used for two-way data binding in Vue.js.

Mixins are designed for code reusability in the components of Vue.js. The freelance Vue.js developer can define actions in mixins and use them wherever it is required. 

There are two types of Mixins - 

  • Local Mixins - Local mixins require mixin objects for their functioning. 

For example, const MixObjName = {

methods : { 

// methods are written here



  • Global Mixins - If a particular functionality is required by all the components in Vue, then global mixins are used.

For example, 

// Creating global mixin 


created : function() { 

var sample  = this.$options.sample 






Vuex is a state management pattern and library for the applications designed in Vue.js. Vuex is a centralized store for all the components in the application having the rules that state can only be changed in a predictable manner. Vuex can also be integrated with the devtools extensions of Vue to provide many advanced features like state snapshot import/export and zero-config time-travel debugging.


A filter is a functionality provided by the Vue components which allows the freelance Vue.js developers to transform and format any part of your dynamic template data. Filters are used in mustache interpolations and v-bind expressions. Filters don’t change the data of any component but it only affects the output. Here are the main usages of filters - 


  • Filters are reusable, i.e., they can be declared globally and used inside any desirable component.
  • Filters allow freelance Vue.js developers to format the dynamic template data at the view level.
  • Filters are used in two places - v-bind expressions and mustache interpolations.
  • The v-show directive renders all the elements to the Document Object Model (DOM) and uses the CSS display property hide/show the elements corresponding to the expressions while the v-if directive renders the element to the DOM only if the expression is passed.
  • The v-show directive does not provide any support for v-else and v-else-if directives while the v-if directive supports v-else and v-else-if directives.
  • The v-show directive has higher initial rendering costs while the v-if directive has higher toggle costs as it adds and removes the DOM every time.
  • If the developer needs to switch on and off the elements frequently, v-show is beneficial while v-if is beneficial for initial time rendering.
  • The v-show directive doesn’t have support for the tab while the v-if directive supports the tab.


Mutations are the way of changing the state in a Vuex store. Each Vuex mutation has its string type and a handler associated with it. The handler receives the state as the first argument and is the place where the actual modifications are performed. A mutation is intended to receive input only through the payload, not generating the side effects anywhere else in the program while actions cover the full context of the program and are not limited to only state and payload.

A payload is the data passed from the component which is committing the mutation to your mutation. An additional argument passed along with the store.commit function is called the payload. A payload is an object in most cases containing more than one field and the recorded mutation is also more descriptive. For example, 


mutations : {

increment (state,payload) {

state.count +=payload.amount



Vue Hooks are the advanced version of mixins that allows freelance Vue.js developers to reuse the logic within the components. It lets you pass logic from one hook to another. A particular state can be reused in another state with the help of hooks. 


A Vue instance has to pass these initialization steps from its creation, mounting, updating, and destroying. It is known as the lifecycle of a Vue instance. There are a total of eight lifecycle methods -

  • beforeCreate()
  • created()
  • beforeMount()
  • mounted()
  • beforeUpdate()
  • updated()
  • beforeDestroy()
  • destroyed()

The array detection mutation methods modify the original array triggering the view update. These are the following array detection mutation methods - 

  • push()
  • pop()
  • sort()
  • reverse()
  • shift()
  • unshift()
  • splice()

The array detection non-mutation methods do not modify the original array replacing the old array with the new array depending on the status filter. filter(), slice(), and concat() are the array detection non-mutation methods. 

If you are trying to hire a Vue.js Developer. Here is the Vue.js Developer Job Description that you can use in your hiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

UltraGenius is one of the leading platforms for hiring remote talent and connecting freelance and part-time developers with Silicon Valley businesses. We focus on finding the best talents who will perform extremely well and will be easily integrated into your teams. We filter out only the top 1% most skilled freelance developers among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. Candidates have to prove their self-reported experience by giving Ultragenius’ s skill tests.

UltraGenius first tests the developer’s skill set by conducting a two and half hour hiring test. Our hiring test judges a candidate on all aspects like aptitude, case study analysis, verbal and reasoning, coding questions based on data structures and algorithms, software engineering, system design, and more. Then, there is another round for the candidates who are selected from this round called “Higher-level Assessment Skill Test”, which is a video round that deeply analyzes Haskell developers’ major skills and asks questions about the projects they have worked upon

Fill up the form which is on every hiring developers’ page and we will inform you once we select the top 1% Haskell developers matching your job requirements.  After analyzing the candidates based on their resumes and two assessment tests, we provide you the feedback quickly. And if the developers selected by our team are fit for your job role, then we also provide the onboarding.

UltraGenius offers you only the most skilled developers who are top 1% among the 20K+ developers who have applied on our platform. After a rigorous selection and testing process, we sort out only the top candidates for you. You can check out UltraGenius’ s selection process for hiring Haskell developers on

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